Pack Animal: 2014 Topps Update! Yippee!

Things have gotten busy for me again, so I welcome posts which more or less write themselves… and thanks to the card aisle at my local Target, I have been provided just such a thing in the form of packs of 2014 Topps Update!  Huzzah!

…But one can get only so excited, it’s Topps Update. Third verse, same as the first.
2014 Topps Update Steve Tolleson

You get rookies…
2014 Topps Update James Jones

All-Star cards…
2014 Topps Update Felix Hernandez AS

Season highlights which may or may not be laughable years from now…
2014 Topps Update Juse Abreu debut
I mean, if there had been an update set in 1980, and if it had a card that featured “Joe Charboneau Debuts In MLB”, what would you think of that now?

2014 Topps Update Justin Turner

Guys that make you wonder how it is that you don’t already have a card of this guy…
2014 Topps Update Zelous Wheeler

Updated players who are no longer with the team to which they’ve been “updated”…
2014 Topps Update Chris Young

New inserts that have a theme that is not readily apparent from one card…
2014 Topps Update All-Star Game Access Mike Trout
…I mean, what is going on in this photo? Is Mike Trout partaking in a “dizzy bat race”?

Stupid die-cut mini inserts…
2014 Topps Update 1989 Mini Jason Heyward
…I made a gutteral noise of dismay tinged with a little disgust when I pulled this. Bleah.

Nicer inserts that may or may not be new, I’m not sure because I bought a factory set of 2014 Topps…
2014 Topps Update Power Players Max Scherzer
…This looks better in person. Shiny & colorful, it is…

Jacob deGrom! Woo-hoo!
2014 Topps Update Jacob deGrom

This last card amused me in ways that – well, it reminded me of a particular scene in the Beatles movie “Help!”, after an attempt to sacrifice Ringo, where the evil villain played by Leo McKern holds out his hand with his ring finger bent back to make it look like it’s gone… You’ll hopefully get what I’m referencing, or just shake your head and move on.
2014 Topps Update David Ross
Excuse me, but if David Ross is to be sacrificed to the dread Kaili, why is he not painted red?

After I had tossed the wrappers into the trash, it occurred to me that I should’ve scanned them so that you know what to look for when you drop everything and run out to the store. The wrappers are dark, they’ve got Masahiro Tanaka on them. ‘Nuff said.


4 thoughts on “Pack Animal: 2014 Topps Update! Yippee!

  1. I grabbed a hanger box of Update on Tuesday. Not impressed with the new inserts, but a lot of the base cards I pulled were cool. Love the shots on the Hernandez and Ross, and I spy a Nick Punto cameo on that Tolleson.

  2. lol. I know “Help” and you’re spot on. I’ll never forget when McKern calls the fab 4 on the phone and says,”Gooo, too, thee WINDOW!”, and of course, they all go to the window. PaaaTOING!

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