The 2014 Heritage Matt Wieters That Never Was, Plus Other Orioles Customs

As I’m sure most of you know, Matt Wieters doesn’t have a contract with Topps. As a result, he doesn’t get into Heritage or the base Topps set or Stadium Club or anything that allows him to show a flash of Oriole logo (or even orange in most cases).

So, as usual, I’ve taken the law into my own hands…
2014 TSR Schmeritage Matt Wieters

With the absence of Andrew Miller from 2014 Update, I strongly suspect that he should be added to Wieters and Ichiro on the list of “Guys without Topps contracts”. He hasn’t appeared on a card since 2010, and it’s not like he doesn’t deserve at least an Update card. I thought about creating a Heritage card for him as well, but I’ve already spent too much time…

Awwwww, what the hell.
2014 Schmeritage Andrew Miller
There. I hope you’re all satisfied. :-)

Getting back to the mainstream of this post, I had a number of Orioles customs from my TSR set that I wanted to share now that the Orioles are taking down the bunting, packing up their stuff and going their separate ways. It was a disappointing end to the season, but we shouldn’t lose perspective on it… It’s still better to lose the ALCS than to be looking up at the Yankees and Red Sox (and Rays and Jays) at the end of the season.

Here are some postseason cards that I don’t love, but I created a “2014 Highlights” template, and dammit, I’m going to use it!
2014 TSR #751 O's Clinch East

2014 TSR #760 O's Sweep Tigers

Matt Wieters also gets a card in my custom TSR set…
2014 TSR #790 Matt Wieters
In case you were wondering, I’ve already created and posted an Andrew Miller card for this set. You can see it by clicking on the “Galleries Of Custom Cards” tab up top.

Where would the Orioles be without Buck?
2014 TSR MC-5 Buck Showalter

I like Ubaldo Jimenez, but he hasn’t been quite the pitcher the Orioles were hoping for.
2014 TSR #662 Ubaldo Jimenez
…But I do like the way this custom came out.  I’m a sucker for any card with a nice shot of Camden Yards in the background, even when I create the card and I’m the one who put Camden Yards in the background.

I’ll confess, every once in a while I’ll see a pitcher with “CHEN” on the back of his jersey, I’ll think of Bruce Chen instead of Wei-Yin Chen.
2014 TSR #720 Wei-Yin Chen
I miss Bruce Chen’s bad jokes that got played on the Camden Yards scoreboard.

Wei-Yin Chen, the guy who’s actually on the card I’m featuring, was one of the Orioles best pitchers this year, going 16-6… He did have a rough postseason, though.

I had to make sure that I got Nick Markakis (a.k.a. Mar-KickAss, a.k.a. Mark Nickakis) into this set, because I have a fear – hopefully unfounded – that the O’s will decline the option on Nick’s contract and he’ll end up elsewhere next year.
2014 TSR #675 Nick Markakis
Of course, if that happens and Nick ends up with the Mets, that wouldn’t be so bad…

I know a lot of Orioles fans took to Nelson Cruz this year, but give me J.J. Hardy any time.
2014 TSR #193 JJ Hardy

David Lough was new to the team this year and I enjoyed watching him play, even if it was as a 4th or 5th outfielder.
2014 TSR #514 David Lough

I should’ve done more of these Pointless Pairings cards… and some horizontal cards… and more highlights cards…
2014 TSR PP-1 Chris Khris Davis
Oh, well. As The Shlabotnik Report’s team of graphic designers feverishly work on the 2015 set, I’ll make sure that they put more of an effort to hash out those designs up front.

7 thoughts on “The 2014 Heritage Matt Wieters That Never Was, Plus Other Orioles Customs

  1. I think it’s safe to say at this point that Andrew Miller is indeed one of the guys without a Topps contract. The fact that he hasn’t had a card since 2010 is awful.

    Great customs!

  2. Great cards. I was hoping for an Orioles-Nationals World Series. Now I’m rooting for the Royals but I’m not really that interested. I guess I like some of the Giants (Hunter Pence for one) so maybe the Giants. I don’t know. I truly can’t root for anyone seriously except the Cubs. I’d have to be betting to really care now.

    • I believe it’s something along the lines of having had an exclusive contract with Razor – remember Razor? – as a prospect, which meant he wasn’t signed by Topps as a Minor Leaguer. After that, who knows. Ichiro and Andrew Miller are a bit more perplexing because they appeared on Topps cards before disappearing.

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