Creeping Ever Closer To The 1972 Set I’m Not Attempting To Complete

I’ve mentioned it several times before, I’m not attempting to complete the 1972 set, but I always enjoy picking up cheap cards I don’t have. I’ve completed the first two series, and my “official” goal is to complete the 3rd and 4th series.

With Mr. Dennis Higgins in hand, I only need two cards to finish the 3rd series.
1972 Topps Dennis Higgins
…and naturally, those two cards are Aaron and Clemente. I’m going to wait it out to see if I can’t find loved versions of those two.

Dennis Higgins is the cousin of former White Sox 3rd baseman Joe Crede (Yes, indeedy!)

Confessions: I am a Mets fan and I like Roy White, a career Yankee.
1972 Topps Roy White
Roy White is also from the 3rd Series, and – another confession – I actually picked this card up a couple of months ago.

I was trying to figure out why this Manny Mota was on my wantlist when it looked so familiar, and I just realized it’s because I have a 2002 Topps Archives version of this card (and now I can get rid of said Archives card).
1972 Topps Manny Mota

Looking at Joe Ferguson on this card, he kinda sort reminds me of Kevin Tighe, who played Roy DeSoto on the 1970’s TV show “Emergency!”
1972 Topps Joe Ferguson
Today’s “HO-LEEEEE CRAP!” moment: I just found out that Kevin Tighe was on 6 episodes of Lost… He was Anthony Cooper, “The Man From Tallahassee”. I did not realize this. Consider my mind blown a tiny little bit.

It’s Lew Krausse, son of Lew Krausse! (Lew Sr. pitched 2 years for the Philadelphia Athletics). Lew Jr. is airbrushed here because he’d been part of a 10-player trade between the Red Sox and Brewers. Among the notables involved were George Scott, Ken Brett, Jim Lonborg, Tommy Harper and Marty Pattin.
1972 Topps Lew Krausse
Here’s your stupid trivia for today: Lew Krausse Sr. pitched for the Philadelphia Athletics, and Lew Jr. pitched for both the Kansas City and Oakland Athletics. Should the A’s ever abandon Oakland for another city, they might want to look into whether there’s a Lew Krausse III or IV.


3 thoughts on “Creeping Ever Closer To The 1972 Set I’m Not Attempting To Complete

    • When I finish 3 & 4, I’ll probably keep going, but we’ll see. It’s more about buying cards I like than it is about completing sets, and often what happens is that the “weight” of the outstanding cards outweighs my desire to complete the set.

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