1976 SSPC #130 – Johnny Grubb (Padres)

1976 SSPC #130 Johnny Grubb
Johnny Grubb… played 16 years in the Majors with the Padres, Indians, Rangers and Tigers. He was on the Topps All-Star Rookie team in 1973, was an all-star in 1976 and played in the 1984 World Series with the Tigers.

In 1976, Johnny Grubb… played all three outfield positions as well as at 1st and third. He batted .284 with 54 runs and 27 RBI.

Shea-o-meter: Many of the photos in 1976 SSPC were taken in Shea Stadium; Every team came through Shea because the Yankees were temporarily playing in Shea while Yankee Stadium was being renovated. “Can two Major League teams share a ballpark without driving each other crazy?”

This photo is in Shea.
Shea: 47
Pretty sure it’s Shea: 8
Can’t tell: 10
Not Shea: 6

Betcha didn’t know… that even though he’s naturally right-handed, he bats left… and yet was not a switch-hitter.

SSPC vs. Topps: This card is less visually dynamic than the Topps card, but unlike Topps you can actually see Johnny’s face.

1976 SSPC #130 Johnny Grubb back


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