1977 Hostess Rennie Stennett

NOTE: At one point in this blog’s 3-year history I featured a Hostess card every weekend, but I stopped doing that because I got tired of “having” to stick to a schedule. This card’s been sitting in my drafts folder ever since, and needs to be liberated.

Fly and be free!

1977 Hostess Rennie Stennett

Thanks to the highlight card in the 1976 Topps set, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Rennie Stennett to me is his feat on September 16, 1975 when he went 7-for-7 in a 9-inning game. The Pirates routed the Cubs 22-0 that day, which is how Stennett came to have 7 AB’s in the first place.

In 1977, Rennie Stennett was having an outstanding season, stealing a career-high 28 stolen bases and making a run at the batting title with a .336 average. In August of that year he broke his ankle sliding into second base. He was out for the season, and would never be the same again.

After being replaced at 2nd by Phil Garner in 1979, Stennett became a free agent and signed a 5-year contract with the Giants.  He was a starter in 1980, a backup in 1981, and released in 1982 with 3 years left on his contract.


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