Four From 1956: Cards I Forgot To Post

In looking for existing scans for an upcoming post, I ran across four images of 1956 cards I picked up two years ago and had never featured here… What an a terrible squandering of bloggy resources!

And since I wasn’t sure what I was going to post today, I’ll make up for lost time.

In this past year I found out that there are three notable Roger Craigs, and not just the two that I thought there were. Notable Roger Craig #1 is the former original 1962 Met who also pitched for the Dodgers and managed the Giants & Padres:
1956 Topps Roger Craig

Notable Roger Craig #2 is the San Francisco 49ers running back who won three Super Bowls with a little bit of help from Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, et. al.

Notable Roger Craig #3 is a former “Jeopardy!” champion who set the highest single-game total and the largest “True Daily Double” bet… A True Daily Double is when you wager everything you’ve got, rather than the more typical one or two thousand. Roger Craig is apparently well-known for True Daily Doubles, as I’ve seen people say things like “I’m going to Roger Craig it!”

…I should do a custom “Jeopardy!” set sometime…

Just like Roger Craig, there are two notable Frank Thomases… The Big Hurt and the “original Frank Thomas”, the guy who played from 1951 to 1966, was a three-time All-Star, an original 1962 Met, and also put in a number of years with the Pirates and other teams.
1956 Topps Frank Thomas

Gus Triandos is 12th on the All-Time Orioles Home Run list. His 142 ranks just above Nick Markakis (141). Hopefully Nick, who is a free agent, will be back to pass Gus. No offense, Gus.
1956 Topps Gus Triandos
It just occurred to me… Markakis passing Triandos… How excited would Baltimore’s Greek-American community get over that one?

For the record, the top 15 are: Cal, Eddie, Boog, Brooks, Palmeiro, Brady Anderson, Kenny Singleton, Frank Robinson, Andrew Jones, Melvin Mora, Chris Hoiles, Gus, Nick, Paul Blair and Jim Gentile.

I knew nothing about Jim Wilson before buying this card. How’s this for a “fun fact”: In 1955, Jim Wilson lead the A.L. with 18 losses… and was an All-Star.
1956 Topps Jim Wilson
Wilson was a All-Star three years in a row, and it appears that he represented three different teams… Milwaukee Braves in 1954, Orioles in 1955 and he was an All-Star in 1956 when he started the season in Baltimore and got traded to the White Sox on May 21st, so I presume that he was an All-Star with the White Sox.


2 thoughts on “Four From 1956: Cards I Forgot To Post

  1. Nice group of cards and fun facts. Funny to see Frank Robinson so far down on the HR list. I’m not old enough to remember him as a Red. I think of him as an Oriole. For the record he hit 324 of his 586 homers for Cincinnati.

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