…So Where Was I? Oh, Right, 1975 Topps Football

It was over a year ago that I completed my 1975 Topps Football set, and at the time I intended to do a series of posts featuring my favorite cards from the set. I meant to keep going with the posts, but I got distracted as I all-too-often do.

So here we are in the middle of a holiday weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty worn out and I don’t have a lot of words in me… So here are some more favorites from the 1975 set and a few random thoughts on my part.

I’m sure some of you remember Super Dave Osborne, “The greatest daredevil superstar entertainer of all time”… Well, this isn’t him.
1975 Topps Football Dave Osborn
…but it’s a nice action shot.

This card has a cool action shot, but it’s almost quaint. 26 Touchdowns in a season? …So?
1975 Topps Football Stabler Hilights
It wasn’t even a record, just a lot for the time (and a 14-game schedule).

This card isn’t miscut, it’s misscanned.
1975 Topps Football Lawrence McCutcheon
The Rams helmets are really boring with the logo airbrushed out, aren’t they?

Cool action shot for O.J. Simpson, back when he was nothing more than a great running back.
1975 Topps Football OJ Simpson

One thing that struck me about this Staubach card is that you can clearly see that his  jersey has sleeves.  Remember sleeves?  Yeah, sleeves were great.
1975 Topps Football Roger Staubach

…And I’ll wrap it up with a couple of Steelers. It’s kind of funny… in the 1970’s I was a fan of the local New York teams and didn’t become a Steelers fan until the early 1980’s when I was converted by my college roommate, but now I look back at Steelers I didn’t root for and still go “Yeah, baby!” It’s funny how that works.
1975 Topps Football Franco Harris

1975 Topps Football Joe Greene


5 thoughts on “…So Where Was I? Oh, Right, 1975 Topps Football

  1. Stabler’s 26 ties him with about 35 other guys for 116th on one season TD pass list. I just picked up a similar card from the ’61 set that features Johnny U’s 25 TD passes. That’s good for a tie for 214th place now.

    I think football has changed some.

    • It’s funny when I think back on watching the CFL during the NFL’s strike in the early 1980’s… I enjoyed the CFL because the three downs and 110 yards made for a lot of passing. Now, I wonder how much difference there is between the leagues.

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