I Never Thought I’d Buy Any “Apparel” From Topps…

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the line of caps, shirts and such that Topps has been putting out, but I largely wasn’t impressed. A lot of it wasn’t bad looking, but didn’t inspire me to click beyond the emails I was receiving.

Then I saw the email that featured t-shirts with graphics from vintage wax packs, and I thought “Hey, that’s pretty neat!”

…And THEN I saw the t-shirt with the graphics from the 1975 Baseball wax pack. That’s when I gasped, started to shake and said…
Topps 1975 Wrapper T-Shirt 2

MUST… BUY… T… SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!

I started collecting cards in 1974, but 1975 was the year I dove in head-first… so I saw a lot of this design when I was a kid.

Once the Black Friday sales kicked in, I fired up the credit card and bought just the shirt. I got the shirt in the mail a week later, not too shabby.

I’m going to have to wear this sucker the next time I go to a show… whenever that may be.


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