Vote For The Next “Hot Stove” Custom! (And Check Out David Robertson While You’re At It)

Before I get to the voting part, let me share a custom that was about as easy to make as these things get…
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #13 David Robertson
When David Robertson went from the Yankees to the White Sox, I started doing some preliminary work for the custom.  I came across this photo of Robertson where he held his glove over the “NY” logo on his chest… and at that point my work was halfway done. Cover up the Yankees cap logo, add a White Sox logo, badabing badaboom, I got yer custom right here, buddy.

Prior to last week I was cruising along nicely with the “Hot Stove” customs, more or less keeping up with the ones I wanted to make, building a small backlog — and then the Winter Meetings hit. Before I knew it, there were guys flying every which direction, and I didn’t know where to begin.

So rather than try to figure out what you guys might want to see, I’m just going to ask you.

Just to be clear about this… This isn’t about doing just one custom, it’s more about prioritization. I want to know which players you’d like me to do first. You can vote for as many or as few as you like. You can also write them in – there were a few guys who changed teams but weren’t included for a variety of reasons (including the old favorite, “I forgot”).

Added Clarification:  The general idea behind these customs is to feature any uniformed personnel who will be wearing a new uniform in 2015, whether it’s a new manager, a free agent, a traded player, a Rule V guy, a waiver pickup, whatever…

As always, comments are welcome – I just thought the poll might get more responses.

The top couple of vote-getters will be featured over the next week or two. The remainder may or may not get customs, we’ll see where things go. I continue to hope that the Mets and Orioles will, at some point, give me reasons to make customs.

By the way, if the Kemp and/or Rollins trades fall through or if Dan Haren retires, then they will come off the list.

Thanks for participating!

4 thoughts on “Vote For The Next “Hot Stove” Custom! (And Check Out David Robertson While You’re At It)

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