I’m Not Up For Anything More Involved Than “Here Are Four Mets Cards”

The Holiday Ramp-Up is hitting me hard this morning.

As I write this, I’d really like to go to bed and get another hour or two of sleep. After a week liberally sprinkled with holiday pot luck meals, my body is asking me “Do you think that today you could NOT start each meal with dessert? And would it kill you to eat a fresh vegetable or two? Maybe a piece of fruit?”

The point of all this is that I’m not up for anything that requires thought, research or even a theme…  So today you get four Mets cards I acquired over the past… few… uhhhhhrrrrrrrrrmmmm… I don’t know how far back they go.  They’re Mets.  They’re new to me.  Good enough.

One can never go wrong with 1970’s Kellogg’s, even if the subject (Cleon Jones) is pretty blurry.
1970 Kellogg's Cleon Jones
I always forget with Kellogg’s cards that I have to point out which “Jones” it is, because the cards don’t give you a first name… Well, other than the fake autograph.

If I were to do a post of “Hobby Regrets”, up near the top would be from late in 1984 when I thought “There’s a Fleer Update set this year? Eh, I’ll get that later…”

This 84F Tom Seaver is not from that set, but 1984 Fleer cards always bring the update to mind.
1984 Fleer Tom Seaver
For those of you who aren’t shaking your head over my 30-year-old foolishness, the set was printed in very-low-for-the-1980’s quantities, features rookie cards of Kirby Puckett, Roger Clemens and Dwight Gooden (among others) and is under enough demand that key cards have been counterfeited.

I got this 2011 Chrome Jason Bay because the photo used is different than the one on the conventional Topps Jason Bay card.
2011 Topps Chrome Jason Bay

This 1982 Topps Ellis Valentine came from “The Unholy Mess” I featured earlier this week.
1982 Topps Ellis Valentine
I wish I felt as good as Ellis apparently feels here.


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Up For Anything More Involved Than “Here Are Four Mets Cards”

  1. Cleon Jones…. he was my favorite Met right up until the second he caught Dave Johnson’s fly to end the ’69 Series. After that just seeing him caused me to experience facial tics.

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