Saved From The Purge: 1994 Pinnacle

I don’t have a lot of 1994 Pinnacle – somewhere between 100 and 200 – but it’s also one of those sets that I’ll never complete and there’s no reason to hang on to the cards that don’t fit into a subsection of my collection or bring me joy in some way.  These are some of the cards that fall into the latter category.

Bryan Harvey seems amused to wear one of the Waaaaaaaaaaaaay-too-teal caps of the early Florida Marlins.
1994 Pinnacle Bryan Harvey
FWIW, Havey’s son Hunter is a pitcher in the Orioles system. He was a first-round pick in 2013 and has ranked #4 (after 2013) and #2 among O’s prospects (after 2014, both rankings according to Baseball America).

FWIW #2, there are two minor leaguers named Harvey Hunter listed on, both from over 100 years ago.

Speaking of sons, Keith Kessinger is the son of long-time Cubs shortstop Don Kessinger.
1994 Pinnacle Keith Kessinger
Keith’s MLB experience was a September callup in 1993. He played eight years in the minors with the Orioles, Reds and Cubs and is currently a analyst on the Ole Miss broadcast team (He played baseball and basketball during his time at Mississippi).

This Mark Lemke card get saved because it’s a Shea Stadium action shot, and I think I’ve figured out which game it comes from.
1994 Pinnacle Mark Lemke
Charlie O’Brien played 4 years with the Mets, but wore #22 in 1992 and 1993. That leaves us with a handful of games that O’Brien played against the Braves at home, and this is the only game that seems to fit the action:
May 23, 1993… O’Brien is batting 2nd (!) against Steve Avery. In the bottom of the first, with the Mets already down 1-0, Vince Coleman grounds out to third, Charlie O’Brien singles to right-center and then Eddie Murray grounds into a 5-4-3 double play (with Mark Lemke playing the part of “4”). The Braves won that game 2-1, and Bret Saberhagen pitches a complete game and takes the loss. Charlie drove in Coleman for the Mets only run on a ground ball single to left field in the 9th.

Stan Javier gets saved from the purge because he’s trying his best to be “3-D” while wearing a nice-looking throwback uni.
1994 Pinnacle Stan Javier

1994 Pinnacle Bip Roberts
It’s always fun to find another Bip Roberts card I’ve had for 20 years. This card is not as washed-out as my scanner makes it look.

This card is here by mistake, but I don’t feel like removing it from the post. It doesn’t fit the theme of the post because it’s an Oriole card and should’ve already been in an Orioles binder rather than in Cardboard Box Purgatory waiting to see if it will move up to Binder Heaven.
1994 Pinnacle Mark Eichhorn


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