Blame It On Zucker, Abrahams And Zucker

When I look back on Reggie Jackson’s career, I generally think of it as being divided into four parts:

1) As part of “The Swingin’ A’s”
2013 Topps Stickers Reggie Jackson

2) That didn’t really happen, did it?
1988 Score Reggie Jackson 1976

3) Mr. October
1978 Topps Reggie Jackson

4) “I… Must… Kill… The… Queen.”
1983 Topps Reggie Jackson AS


7 thoughts on “Blame It On Zucker, Abrahams And Zucker

  1. In 1991 Queen Elizabeth visited the US and attended a baseball game between the A’s and Orioles at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. ESPN carried the game and I remember that the episode of SportsCenter they ran prior to the game had a lot of fun running clips from the movie. When SportsCenter ended and they started coverage of the game, they showed the Queen and Prince Phillip in the A’s dugout greeting the players. Guess who she was shaking hands with when the telecast started – Reggie Jackson, who was some sort of coach for the A’s that year.

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