Drive ‘Em On The Left, Drive ‘Em On The Right, Susceptible To Theft In The Middle Of The Night

When I’m shopping for cards on COMC, I usually just plow through my wantlists looking for specific cards… But during the recent COMC Black Friday promotion, I decided to take a different approach to how I did my shopping.  I did some browsing to look for sets I wasn’t previously aware of, and in the process of going through the vintage non-sports sets I found some beautiful cards featuring cars of the 1960’s.

The first is from the 1961 Topps Sports Cars set.  The cards in this set are roughly 2.5″ x 4.75″ – the same size as the “Tall Boy” cards Topps made for football and basketball, only horizontal.
1961 Topps Sports Cars Abarth-Fiat
I was familiar with the Topps “World On Wheels” set, but I don’t remember ever having run across this set before. It’s a 66-card set that came in a 5-cent pack with a license plate sticker. The cards come in both grey-back and white-back versions… If you look for these cards on COMC, the card number reflects the “backedness” of the cards (i.e. my card is listed as 2GB because it’s a greyback).

My card was made cheaper by the fact that some 1960’s child decided to get creative on the back with some colored pencil.
1961 Topps Sports Cars Abarth-Fiat back
I liked this card when I bought it, but I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it in person.  Because of the way the cards were packed coming from COMC, the oversized cards were the first ones I saw. I set this card on the side as I started going through the 200+ standard-sized cards I got… but all along, my eye kept drifting over to this Fiat.  Belissimo!!!

The 1961 Sports Cars set is pretty expensive in gradable condition, but it seems like it could be an affordable set if condition isn’t a major factor (and it never is for me). I currently have too many goals for me to proclaim that I will be chasing this set, but I will definitely get more of these cards.

Unlike the oversized Sports Cars set, the other two cards I got come in as just a shade smaller than 2.7″ x 1.5″ and would be considered “minis” by some.
1968 Brooke Bond History Of The Motor Car #47 Rover BRM LeMans
The back of the card states that this is a “1965 Rover-BRM Le Mans Gas Turbine Car”.

These British cards were issued in 1968 within packages of tea sold by Brooke Bond, a company which sold a number of different brands of tea.  They issued a number of different themed sets from the 1950’s to the 1990s and many of the sets feature artwork rather than photographs. My two acquisitions are from a set called “History Of The Motor Car”.

Here’s the back of the previous card.
1968 Brooke Bond History Of The Motor Car #47 Rover BRM LeMans back

Here’s the other card I got… Check it out:  It’s a mini of a Mini!
1968 Brooke Bond History Of The Motor Car #46 1959 Morris Mini Minor
Technically, it’s a 1959 Morris Mini Minor. Here’s the back of that one:
1968 Brooke Bond History Of The Motor Car #46 1959 Morris Mini Minor back

Like with Toppps Sports Cars, this Brooke Bond set is not anything I’d be looking to complete, but definitely falls into the “BUY MORE!” category.  You should be seeing more of these featured here in the future.

I thought it’d be helpful to feature an image of these two types of cards along with other well-known card sizes, just to give you some perspective:
Comparison Jan 2015
At the top is the 1961 Topps Sports Cars (“Tallboy” size), followed by a 1954 Topps World On Wheels card (in what was “standard Topps Size” until 1957), then a 1992 Pro Set Winston Cup card (standard 2.5″ x 3.5″ size), followed by the 1968 Brooke Bond History Of Motor Cards.

There were some other automotive-themed non-sports sets that I wanted to buy cards from, but as I got low on funds they got bumped from this shipment… but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more cards like these.


7 thoughts on “Drive ‘Em On The Left, Drive ‘Em On The Right, Susceptible To Theft In The Middle Of The Night

  1. I like them if only for the variety. Lord don’t let me ever get into Brooke Bond. It would never end. I’m still trying to stick to the very vintage when it comes to mini sized (cigarette) cards. Bought one from 1910 today.

  2. Thanks, now I have ANOTHER kind of card to add to my list.

    These are very cool. I once owned an MG…it taught me a lot about side-of-the-road car repairs.

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