1976 SSPC #392 – Brooks Robinson (WooHoo! I’ve Got SSPC Orioles!)

In my biggest 1976 SSPC purchase since my initial purchase in May of 2013, I recently picked up the Orioles team set on eBay.

For those who weren’t with me at the time, my SSPC quest began when I bought a box containing 1,200 1976 SSPC cards… You can read about that purchase here, and over here you can read about how I had determined that these cards should be called “1976 SSPC” despite the 1975 copyright on the back.

The box I bought had been picked through by the time I got to it, so there were almost no stars, just one Yankee, and absolutely no Orioles, Phillies or Red Sox.  Since then I’ve made an effort to add cards to the set without spending too much on them… I enjoy the heck out of this set, but it is unlicensed and I collect it as if it’s junk wax and worth nothing to anybody but myself… Because it may very well be worthless. Hell, for all I know this set has been “reprinted” far beyond it’s original 1970’s print run. Having not even seen most of this set in person until 2 years ago, It’s not like I could tell the difference between the original and a counterfeit.


The honor of being the first SSPC Oriole I’ve featured in this esteemed blog falls to the guy who indirectly caused an entire generation of Maryland boys to be given the name “Brooks”…
1976 SSPC #392 Brooks Robinson
Brooks Robinson… I’ll just touch the highlights for the Human Vacuum Cleaner… Hall Of Fame, 16 consecutive Gold Gloves, 15-time All-Star, 1964 MVP and RBI leader, .

In 1976, Brooks… was 39 and winding down his career, playing 71 games at third for the season and being replaced by Doug DeCinces at third. 1976 was the first season since 1959 that Brooks Robinson did not win a Gold Glove award.

Shea-o-meter: Many of the photos in 1976 SSPC were taken in Shea Stadium; Every team came through Shea because the Yankees were temporarily playing in Shea while Yankee Stadium was being renovated. “Can two Major League teams share a ballpark without driving each other crazy?”

That might be the Shea batter’s eye over Brooks’ shoulder, but there’s really not much to go with.  I’m going to flag this as “Can’t tell”.
Shea: 49
Pretty sure it’s Shea: 8
Can’t tell: 12
Not Shea: 7

1970’s Census
We’re going to keep track of all the instances of 1970’s facial hair and other 1970’s trends… Sideburns, afros, mustaches, Aviator glasses…

Brooks has got the sideburns going, but not much else.
Total Cards: 76
1970’s Sideburns: 38
Fu Manchu: 4
Mustache other than Fu Manchu: 23
Afro: 1
Perm: 2
Aviators: 6
Long Hair: 16

1976 SSPC #392 Brooks Robinson back

2 thoughts on “1976 SSPC #392 – Brooks Robinson (WooHoo! I’ve Got SSPC Orioles!)

  1. #1…Blogger (or maybe WordPress, dunno) decided this post shouldn’t be listed on my blogroll until this morning (Friday). And then I was thrown because Friday’s post was there ….nevermind, I’ve confused myself.

    so #2… this is a really great card of Brooks. One of my favorites and I have tons of different Brooks cards. He always seemed to be smiling but on the field he was all business.

    and #3..I named one of my sons ‘Brooks Robinson’.

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