I Went To Walgreens, Got A Dalek And A Repack

While shopping for drugstore-type stuff at Walgreens last week, I wandered over to the “Toys/Games” aisle to see if they had any interesting repacks. My attention was initially grabbed by a Walking Dead figure – I somehow missed the fact that Glenn’s last name is “Rhee”, but there it is on his action figure’s package.  It’s a bit questionable to have Walking Dead figures in the same aisle as the Hot Wheels and cheapie board games… but at least they had the Walking Dead stuff up at the top.

After looking at the little plastic Glenn, my eye wandered off to the next hook to the left where they had some Doctor Who toys.
Dalek Packaging
And I got majorly weirded out by this.

Now you have to understand, I started watching Doctor Who on PBS in the late 1970’s, back when The Doctor was this guy:
2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Fourth Doctor
Doctor Who was Science Fiction AND it was British. When I was in high school, those were two great tastes that taste great together.  I even remember the 1975 episode that the Dalek packaging says this particular Dalek is from.

At the time you couldn’t find anything that even had the words “Doctor Who” on it unless you went to a con or a place like Forbidden Planet, a nerd utopia store in NYC.  I was beside myself to pick up a couple of Doctor Who paperbacks at Forbidden Planet in the early 1980’s… The idea of Doctor Who becoming mainstream enough that I could walk into a Walgreens and buying a Dalek or a Sonic Screwdriver would’ve made my teenage mind implode.

Getting back to the general point of this post, I walked out of Walgreens with both a repack and a Dalek.
Dalek and Repack

By the way, should any of you buy a Dalek you’ll want to be careful when removing it from the packaging. I wasn’t exactly reckless when I pulled this one out, but damn if I didn’t snap off the melon-farming eyestalk in the process. You can see in the photo above that I’ve got the stalk precariously inserted into an opening up top.  I’m thinking I should’ve cut it out of the plastic rather than trying to pull it out.

And one last thing before I get into the repack… When the nominations for next year’s Bip Awards rolls around, should there be a category for “Best Diorama”, I expect to be nominated. Is that clear? OK, good.

So this was one of those $5 repacks that comes in a cardboard hanger box, not the $4 clamshell repacks that one gets at Target. Was it worth the extra $1? Let’s find out…

Right off the bat, I got “Bipped” with three cards of Steve “Psycho” Lyons from the 1989 Bowman set.
1989 Bowman Psycho-bipped
Psycho Bipper… Qu’est-ce que c’est? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa…

This card looks fairly uninteresting, but it’s foil-free and the number on the back is “AL-15”.
2014 Topps AL All-Star Team Set Miguel Cabrera
I’m pretty sure it’s from one of of those retail team sets featuring an All-Star roster… For me, the significance is that it’s most likely going off to COMC at some point. I might make a tidy $0.15 profit off this baby. Woohoo!

I got a 1993 Leaf Mickey Morandini, and since it’s a 1993 Leaf that means that the back is the front as far as I’m concerned.
1993 Leaf Mickey Morandini back

This 1993 Stadium Club card shows Wade Boggs in a moment of deep thought, trying to remember just where it was that he’d left his mustache the night before.
1993 Stadium Club Wade Boggs
“I asked them to look in the medicine cabinet ’cause for some reason I leave it there sometimes… but not this time…”

There’s this lovely 1993 Studio Carlos Baerga. They could fill these things with Studio, and I’d be a happy man. I really should’ve bought more Studio cards back in the 1990’s.
1993 Studio Carlos Baerga

I got a decent number of cards which are instant candidates for my almost-complete 1994 Binder.
1994 cards for binder #1
I really like that Matt Brunson card; even though he fails the previously established “Bowman Rule” (guys who never made the Majors are the first to get left out), I’m going to find a place for this card.

I got a couple of 1994 Topps Laser cards, which have the design presumably cut away using high-tech lasers.
1996 Topps Laser Chili Davis
Perhaps it was a Dalek laser which did this…
1996 Topps Laser Ray Durham

I’ll wrap this up with what’s probably the biggest “hit” in the box… It’s a 1998 Pacific Invincible silver parallel of Hall Of Famer Dennis Eckersley. Aside from the fact that it’s positively slathered in foil, the little inset photo is actually translucent acetate, and is echoed on the back (with the cap logo removed).
1998 Pacific Invincible Silver Dennis Eckersley
Here’s the back of the same card. See how you’ve got the mirror-image portrait of Eck? Isn’t that just spiffily doodle?
1998 Pacific Invicible Silver Dennis Eckersley back

From a very small sample – this $5 repack and another – it does seem like you get some slightly better cards than in the $4 clamshell repacks… But I don’t know if it’s an extra dollar’s worth, especially since you only see one of the cards  you get in the $5 repack.  I guess the jury’s still out on this.

Does anybody have any opinions on merits of the different kinds of repacks (other than “I never touch the things at all”)?   Is anybody going to run out and check out their drug store for Doctor Who merchandise?


9 thoughts on “I Went To Walgreens, Got A Dalek And A Repack

  1. I grabbed a Walgreens-style repack the other day simply because the card showing was a 2013 Topps Heritage Black Border Manny Machado/Dylan Bundy RC. THe rest of the pack was actually fairly similar to yours. I kinda like the ‘you never know what you might find’ aspect of these things. As long as I really want the card that’s showing, it’s worth it to me.

  2. I think I have picked up one Walgreens repack in the past and thought the cards were better than any Target one I’ve gotten but I only buy one, maybe two a year so it’s a pretty small sample size.

    I am surprised that Dr Who has been on since the 70s. I’ve never seen it and at this point a ‘binge watching’ to get caught up would take up every weekend for the rest of my life.

    • Doctor Who started airing in England in 1963, but it was off the air for a number of years in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Most people think of the recent reboot when they talk about the show; although it does follow the continuity of the original, there’s no need to have 50 years worth of knowledge to know what’s going on… in fact, many of the episodes from the 1960’s were recorded over (seriously!) by the BBC, so you can’t watch the entire run even if you wanted to.

    • My advice is to stick with the new show that started in 2005… and if that’s still too much “history,” feel free to pick it up with Season 8.

  3. I’ve been relying on Barnes & Noble and FYE for Doctor Who toys if I didn’t want to go to one of the comic shops in NYC or order online. Not sure if the Walgreens stores around here ever got them.

    I haven’t bought many repacks recently, but if I was seeing more stuff like those Topps Laser cards or random Pacific sets I’d probably give in more often.

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  5. I wish my Walgreens had the doctor ado toys….. But as far as the 5$ repacks the box says 1out of 4 has a hit so I picked one up and I got the 1/4 with the hit not a big name but it was a 2011 bowman chrome Brian fletcher 277/500 on card auto so it’s worth the 5$

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