What’s The Matter, McFly? CHICKEN?!?

For many years I’ve had a lingering sense of shame about a gaping hole in my collection… A trio of cards that any collector from the 1980’s should have, and yet I did not.

I lived in disgrace for years, hiding my secret from other collectors for fear of being mocked, ridiculed, outcast.

But just like Marty McFly in “Back To The Future”, it took just one word to spur me into action…


…More specifically, San Diego Chicken.

I’ve always wanted these cards of The Chicken, but I never had any of them. This was despite the fact that I bought a lot of 1982 Donruss…
1982 Donruss Chicken

…and I bought some 1983 Donruss…
1983 Donruss Chicken

…and in 1984… well… I think I bought a pack. Maybe two.
1984 Donruss Chicken

It doesn’t matter. My lack of Chicken cards has been a tiny little grain of sand in my shorts for the past 30 years… but I finally broke down and bought all three from COMC.

Houston, The Chicken has landed.

We all have our “white whales”, but does anybody else have cards that they’d been meaning to get for years, but just never quite got around to?

8 thoughts on “What’s The Matter, McFly? CHICKEN?!?

  1. I want to finish the Orioles in the Post Cereal and Jello sets but I’m always working on something else and get too lazy to track them down.

  2. Love these cards. Can’t see a SD Chicken card without thinking about my childhood, Saturday mornings, and The Baseball Bunch. Congratulations on the new additions to your collection.

  3. One handsome bird! The 82 Chicken was one of the first cards I picked up when I began collecting in 93. Don’t forget the 92 UD Chicken with Cecil Fielder. The card I keep putting off is a 97 SP. It will complete the set.

    • I *did* forget about that Cecil Fielder card… Something else to track down.

      By the way, there’s another Chicken card I’ve had for a while but didn’t include in this post – a 1992 Donruss Triple Play card (#138)

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