You Get What You Get: Arbitrarily Chosen Cards, 2/22/15

More cards that haven’t fit into any of my other posts, but are too good to ignore (and, almost as important, already scanned).

I’ve been picking up some of these 1968 Topps Game inserts in a semi-effort to complete the set… Although it’s usually been along the lines of “As long as I’m at this show (or signed on to COMC), let’s see if there are any cheap ones…”
1968 Topps Game Harmon Killebrew
In 1966, two years before this card was issued, Killebrew hit a career-high 27 doubles, which was good for 10th in the league. In 1968, the year this card came out, Killer hit 7 doubles, which was a career-low for seasons in which he played at least 50 games. JINX!!!!

At some point in the semi-near future I’ll make completing this set a priority, but for now I’m happy being scattershot in my acquisitions.

Here’s a 1972 card featuring one third of Crosby, Stills and Nash.
1972 Topps Jim Nash
What? Naaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, that was Graham Nash, a Brit who may never have played baseball. This is Jim Nash, who went 12-1 with as a rookie with the 1966 KC Athletics. He may have peaked early, but the A’s and Braves got some above-average seasons out of him.

Normally with 1993 Leaf, I’ll feature the back and show the front as an afterthought… But Brady Anderson is so intense on this card I pulled from a repack that I just had to lead off with the front of the card.
1993 Leaf Brady Anderson
…But that’s not to say that I won’t feature the back…
1993 Leaf Brady Anderson back

His name is Cheslor Cuthbert.
2012 Bowman Prospects Cheslor Cuthbert
…You know, in case you were wondering why I’m featuring a Royals prospect. It’s because his name is Cheslor Cuthbert. At the time this 2012 Bowman Prospects card was made, Baseball America had him ranked as the 84th best prospect in baseball. Now he’s not even in the Royals’ Top 10. I couldn’t find anything concrete about his current status, but I’m guessing he falls into the category of “organizational depth”. That being said, he’s still young… and his name is Cheslor Cuthbert.


3 thoughts on “You Get What You Get: Arbitrarily Chosen Cards, 2/22/15

  1. I’ve been collecting the ’68 game inserts myself. At one point I thought I had finished it, but according to my zistle count I still need 4 of them (2 Mantle, 17 McKormick, 20 Gonzalez, 28 Staub).

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