A 3D Pat Neshek To Help Me Remember

You know those people that have a mind like a bear trap? Those people that never forget a face, a number or an event?

Well, that is most definitely not me.

I can’t even blame it on middle age; I’ve always been like this. But the thing is, the information is up in my mental attic, I just can’t always find it when I want to.

So with that in mind I wanted to take notes on how I go about creating my faux 3D cards, so that in the future if I decide I want to revisit them, I’m not sitting here trying to remember what kind of blur I used for the background (side-to-side motion blur).

And the easiest way to make sure I cover all the bases is to go through the process of creating one…. and so…
1968 Topps 3D Pat Neshek

I also wanted to post a custom to remind everybody that I create custom cards… It’s been a while since I shared one because I’ve been working on a couple of projects, not least of which is my 2015 TSR set, which is already behind schedule.

Update shortly after posting:
*sigh* I didn’t mean to post that just yet, I was still working on the text, but I absentmindedly clicked on “Publish” rather than “Save Draft”.

Oh, well. What’s done is done. I’ll just have to move on and have a better post for tomorrow to make up for it.  2015 TSR is coming soon, I promise.

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