The 2012 Norfolk Tides Team Set Has A Lot Of Guys

Sure, every baseball card set has a lot of guys… But after I bought the 2012 Norfolk Tides set, I discovered it had a lot of guys, in the sense of “Hey, it’s that guy!”

It’s got the guy who was the primary reason I bought the set (in order to add to Mrs. Shlabotnik’s Brian Roberts PC):
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Brian Roberts

It’s got the guy who was playing in the Majors well before the opening of Norfolk’s Harbor Park, which was celebrating it’s 20th anniversary that year…
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Jamie Moyer
OK, fine, Harbor Park wasn’t celebrating, the Tides were.

It’s got the guy who’s a favorite among collectors, as he’s a collector himself…
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Pat Neshek

It’s got schmucks who played for the Orioles…
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Miguel Tejada
…I’m sorry, did I say “schmuck”? I meant “Former A.L. MVP”.

It’s got a former Rookie Of The Year and 20 game winner, who undoubtedly appeared in many minor league sets during his quest to re-establish himself in the majors..
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Dontrelle Willis
(D-Train recently announced his retirement at 33).

It’s got several guys who were on the verge of helping the Orioles out:
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Miguel Gonzalez

2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Nate McLouth

2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Tommy Hunter

2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Zach Britton

2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Chris Tillman

It’s got the guy who helped fill in when Matt Wieters was out for much of this past season:
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Caleb Joseph

And it’s got a guy who looks like he’s dancing to “Cotton Eye Joe”
2012 Choice Norfolk Tides Blake Davis
Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe?


4 thoughts on “The 2012 Norfolk Tides Team Set Has A Lot Of Guys

  1. It *is* the regular 2012 team set, and these guys all played for the team during 2012… but I’m thinking that they took some liberties with the player selection. Brian Roberts only appeared in 5 games, I’m pretty sure it was a rehab stint. Jamie Moyer and Tommy Hunter made three starts each, and Dontrelle Willis made 3 relief appearances and 1 start. Moyer, Willis and Tejada were all trying to prove that they could still play, but the Orioles weren’t buying.

    • Crazy nonetheless, that has to be one of the more interesting minor league team sets I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

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