“Don’t Confuse Effort With Results”

I’ve had the boss from an old summer job in my head this week, chastising me for letting several days go by without a post.  I can hear him asking what’s taking so long, and I explain to him that on top of organizing my 1994 cards and entering 2015 sets into my card database, I’ve been coming up with posting ideas, researching, writing, scanning, feverishly working on customs… but he just tells me that I shouldn’t confuse effort with results.

It’s at this point that my mentally-conjured boss turns to walk away and I make a rude gesture at his back.

This is all a form of mea culpa for my meager output of this past week…  I guess I have to “work smarter, not harder”.

For now, at least, I’m  going to take “work smarter, not harder” to mean that I should post four somewhat unusual cards that had been scanned for post ideas that didn’t work out. When life gives you lemons, post oddballs.

1992 UD Cal & Billy Ripken

1999 Best Baseball America Bronson Arroyo

1975 Hostess Gene Tenace

1980 Kellogg's Lee Mazzilli

Getting back to bosses, it’s been a while since I’ve had a boss that spouted aphorisms.  Most of my recent bosses tend towards buzzwords, many of which involve incorrectly turning nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns:  “We’ve got to do some decisioning on the spend”.

What are your favorite boss-isms or buzzwords?


6 thoughts on ““Don’t Confuse Effort With Results”

  1. I have never liked the use of the terms “Interfacing with” someone (can’t you just *talk* to them) or the old saw about thinking outside the box. People who say that generally are so far INSIDE the box that they are stuck in the crevice in the bottom of the box yet think they are occupying the -whole- box.

  2. I pointed out to a boss of mine how often she used the phrase, “Oh, I get it!” (in a sort of sarcastic tone). She didn’t believe me until she asked her husband who confirmed it. Ha!

  3. The coach under the arms of GENE TENACE, in the 1975 HOSTESS TWINKIES card above, is most likely the late very popular and hard-working VERN HOSCHEIT ( 1922-2007 ) who coached with the Oakland Athletics from 1969-1974, and was a coach on four World Series champion teams, 3 with the A’s in 1972 – 1973 – 1974 and one with 1986 Mets.

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