…Did He Just Say “Marvell Wynne”???

This time of year, the only live sports I watch – aside for the few spring training games we get –  is when I kill a few minutes by watching some hockey (NCAA or NHL) or soccer (EPL or MLS). I enjoy watching both sports, but catching little bits here and there is as involved as I get. I really don’t know much about the teams or athletes.

So when I was I was idly watching the closing moments of an MLS game between San Jose and Chicago a little over a week ago, it came as a surprise to me when the announcer made reference to something Marvell Wynne had done.

What the WHAT????

Did he just refer to one of the soccer players as Marvell Wynne???

I backed up the Tivo a bit and listened to it again. Yep, Marvell Wynne.

For those of you who don’t know why I nearly fell off of my couch, I’ve only ever known there to be one Marvell Wynne…
1988 Topps Marvell Wynne
…The speedy outfielder who played with the Pirates, Padres and Cubs… and who I always think of as a Met even though his 2.5 years in the upper levels of the Mets organization never included a game in the Majors.

I didn’t see it as likely that two athletes named Marvell Wynne were not related, and after some research I found that Soccer Marvell is the son of Baseball Marvell.

Soccer Marvell was born in 1986 in Pittsburgh, one month after his father had been traded from the Pirates to the Padres. The MetroStars (who were about to become the New York Red Bulls) traded up to take him with the first overall pick in the 2006 SuperDraft, and he was signed to a Generation Adidas contract. Please don’t ask me what that means, because I just went “Whuuuuuuuuuh??” when I read about SuperDrafts and “Generation Adidas”.

Soccer Marvell is in his 10th year in MLS. Aside from New York and San Jose, he has also played for Toronto and Colorado. He was a regular on the 2011 MLS Cup-winning Colorado team.

Most importantly for me and possibly others reading this, Soccer Marvell has soccer cards! Here’s one of his cards I found out on COMC…

2014 Topps MLS #126 – Marvell Wynne – Courtesy of COMC.com

Even now, some 10 days after my initial discovery, it’s weird to see a card of someone named Marvell Wynne playing soccer.

At any rate, the main positive to come out of this is that I have a new soccer player to chase after… along with the three guys I saw play for the Long Island Rough Riders in the 1990’s, and the guys who have names which amuse me (Fred and Kaka…. Hee hee hee, “Kaka”).


2 thoughts on “…Did He Just Say “Marvell Wynne”???

  1. That’s actually a neat idea for a collection..fathers and sons who played differnt sports professionally. Might not take up many binder pages though. The Wynnes,….Kyle Rote and Jr….. OK, I’m done.

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