Let’s Face It, I’m Tired

I’m worn out.

Shlabotnik Peanuts sigh

I sit down to write a new post, and the energy just isn’t there.

It’s nothing specific to blogging or collecting, I’ve just got a lot going on and it’s worn me out.

1975-76 Topps Jean Ratelle

1975-76 Topps Jean Ratelle

Soldiering through it hasn’t gotten me far, so I’ve decided to go on autopilot for a little while.

The good news: I’ll be posting on a daily basis for a while.

The bad news: I’ll be saying very little in each post, just posting images – mostly of recent acquisitions.

1975 Hostess Tom Seaver

1975 Hostess Tom Seaver

So, to sum up: I need a break. Look at the cards!

1972 Topps MVP Award

1972 Topps MVP Award


9 thoughts on “Let’s Face It, I’m Tired

    • I didn’t get nothin’! I had to pay $50 and pick up the garbage!

      I was about to explain how I had to buy the MVP award, but somewhere between my brain and my hands, it turned into a line from “Alice’s Restaurant”.

      • The group W bench. — Mother rapers, Father rapers! — You’re our boy! You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant, exceptin’ Alice.

  1. I think we have all been there with the tired thing. Unfortunately I don’t usually have the energy to make a new post, usually its the dang scanning that gets me as my scanner is often covered with my latest acquisitions. Love the cartoons also. Takes me back to the good old days of cards with the cartoon on the back.

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