2015 TSR: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Before I get into our pack of virtual baseball cards, I’ll go ahead and declare myself relaxed and refreshed after my week-long “vacation” from the hobby.  Not only did I not blog, but I did almost nothing related to sports collectibles.  Instead I spent my free time ripping a few vinyl records, reading a few comics from my unread stack (and “stack” is by no means hyperbole) and getting a little more organized at home.  Highly recommended, you should all give this “vacation” thing a try.

OK, enough of that… Let’s get to this virtual wax pack!
2015 TSR Series 1 Wrapper

We’ll start off addressing the rough year that hair lovers in Pittsburgh are having.  Not only did Steeler and Head And Shoulders spokesman Troy Polamalu retire, but Andrew McCutchen had his trademark dreadlocks cut off.
2015 TSR #33 - Andrew McCutchen
Joe: Andrew McCutchen’s hair is SOOOOOO short…
Audience: “HOW SHORT IS IT?”
Joe: His hair is SOOOOOO short that if you have less hair, then Ubaldo!
2015 TSR #41 - Ubaldo Jimenez
(The audience starts throwing stuff while walking out of the theater).

Bad wordplay aside, Ubaldo Jimenez has pitched pretty effectively for the Orioles this year. He’s certainly not the staff ace, but he’s pitching more like the guy that the Orioles were hoping they’d get.

OK, I want to get back to the theme of this post… Hope is not lost for hair lovers!  There is a new champion in the Phillies’ rookie Odubel Herrera.
2015 TSR #34 - Odubel Herrera
I first learned of The Legend Of Odubel from The Phillies Room.  He was selected from the Rangers organization in the Rule V draft and was the MVP of the Venezuelan League this past winter.  He’s currently among the team leaders in a number of offensive categories and… OK, yeah, I know the Phillies aren’t an exceptionally strong team, but for a Rule V guy to be batting .280 with 10 runs, 9 RBI, 6 doubles, 2 triples and 5 stolen bases, that’s something to make one sit up and take notice.  Furthermore,  this guy came out of nowhere to do this.  How “out of nowhere”?  He has NO NATIONALLY RELEASED CARDS.  No Donruss Elite Extra Excellent Exemplary Extraordinary Elite Edition cards.  Not even a “Bowman Chrome Fringey Prospect We’ll Put On A Card Anyway” card.  Nothing.  Nada.  Bupkus.  I’m sure that will change once the card companies have caught up.  In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with Chachi and TSR cards.

Before we make a minor shift in the theme of this post, let’s look at the insert that came in this pack…

2014 TSR Corey Kluber buyback
Hey hey! Check it out, it’s a buyback card! This card is an original 2014 TSR card, stamped and serial numbered! Do any other virtual card sets offer you virtual buybacks? I DON’T THINK SO.

Remember, you get the best designs, the best inserts, the best value from TSR virtual cards!

TSR: The Fake One!

Shifting our focus more towards the “Gone Tomorrow” part of our theme, the rest of the pack is made up of guys who could be gone tomorrow. I have an idea for a “Traded” card to feature in a later series, but it seems kind of a cheat to do a “Traded” card when I haven’t yet featured the player in his original uniform. I mean, I could do a Josh Hamilton traded card right now, but that would feel like cheating.

So I’ll just work the odds in my favor instead, featuring three players that have trade rumors circulating around them.

If you’re a baseball fan, I don’t have to tell you that the Phillies could end up trading Cole Hamels at some point this year. Not trading him would be the bigger surprise.
2015 TSR #36 - Cole Hamels

The Brewers are currently and unexpectedly the worst team in baseball, and the Front office seems ready to blow the roster up to some degree. Guys like Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez are probably safe, but Matt Garza could be on the move.
2015 TSR #38 - Matt Garza

Daniel Murphy was an All-Star for the Mets, but he might get squeezed out by some of the talented youth coming up behind him. Right now with David Wright on the DL, the Mets are playing Murphy at third and Shlabotnik-favorite rookie Dilson Herrera at second. If they feel that Herrera can handle the job full time, then Murphy might get shipped out.
2015 TSR #37 - Daniel Murphy
The Giants apparently don’t feel like they’ve adequately replaced Kung Fu Panda, so they may be in the Murphy Market.

Some of you may recall that my two favorite teams are the Mets and Orioles, and you may also be wondering how I react to interleague games currently going on between the teams… Well… I really don’t like it much.  No matter what happens, one team wins at the expense of the other (that’s usually the way it works), so I just hope for a close game to make it enjoyable as possible.

Does anybody else have two favorite teams in the same sport? How do you handle games between the two teams?

3 thoughts on “2015 TSR: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. I have other teams I will root for in addition to ‘my team’ but not to the extent it causes me any conflicted feelings when they meet. In baseball I’m a casual Astros’ fan but I have no problem hating them when the O’s come to town. In football the New York Giants are in that same category but with my emotional and financial stake in the Texans the Giants are a distant second. In hockey there is no other team I care about, I’m 100% Rangers. When they are eliminated I prefer an Original Six team to win the Cup unless that team is the one that knocked out my Rangers.

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