Pack Animal! 2015 Bowman Retail

Every year it’s the same with Bowman.

Bowman hits the shelves, I buy one pack to see what they look like and to give me something to write about.  Then I pretty much ignore the brand until I happen to be at a show that has Bowman singles, and then I start filling out my team and player collections.  It doesn’t look like this year is any different.

Let’s take a look at the pack I bought…

One thing about the wrapper that I didn’t notice until I was about to throw it out… it doesn’t say “Bowman” anywhere on the front. Just that “B” logo.
2015 Bowman wrapper
I don’t know whether the box they were in said Bowman on it, but this was Target, where you really don’t see the boxes. I don’t know, I thought this was an odd choice.

Anyway, this year Bowman went a little crazy with the design, creating what I can only describe as a partial full bleed effect. I’ll admit, I like the idea of a card with only partial borders…
2015 Bowman Madison Bumgarner
…but not like this…. NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!!

Isn’t that a line from a horror movie? Maybe “The Fly”? Hang on to the general “horror” theme, it’s going to come up again before I’m done.  …Not to mention the continued sarcasm…

Anyway, this design almost comes across as someone throwing together several disparate ideas and merging them into one design… Just a mish-mash of design elements. Almost something that Panini would do.

Yeah, Topps, I went there.

One of the things they worked into this design is the “little manila folder tabs” like they had in 2014 Topps… Because that design element was SO WELL RECEIVED that they felt like they had to work it into another set.  Good job, guys.  (Insert thumbs-up here).

I really don’t care much for having the player’s names in foil, but the foil names are particularly hard to read with this design.  I don’t know why they can’t use the foil as a design element without using it for text or logos.

This next card frankly scares me a little.
2015 Bowman Michael Pineda
The contorted body, the face twisted into Lord-knows-what… You could almost put this image on the cover of a 1950’s horror comic. Can’t you just see the “Crypt Of Terror” masthead at the top? Quick, someone write “Seduction Of The Innocent II”.

This next card is freaky, but in a different way.
2015 Bowman Matt Holliday
The card looks freakier in person than it does in the scan. Topps has played games with Bowman images the past couple of years, often putting a faint outline around the player to help them “pop” out of the background a little.  This year they seem to have included a sort of background “cloud” that’s generally more noticeable in my scans than on the physical cards… except on Matt Holliday’s card.  On this card the differences in the contrast levels between the foreground and background is so severe that it reminds me of that cheesy TV effect they have where people are “driving” a dummy car while an obvious movie of traffic is playing on a screen behind them.

Outside of the Bowman Prospects cards I got in the pack, this was my only insert… A Bowman Chrome card of Juan Gonzalez.
2015 Bowman Chrome Juan Gonzalez
I suppose it’s at least someone different.

Anyway, I’ll wrap things up with one of the aforementioned Prospects. None of the players I got were all that interesting or highly-rated, so I went with a Dodger because I know we’ve got a fair number of Dodger fans out there.
2015 Bowman Prospects Scott Schebler
Baseball America ranked Scott Schebler to be the 9th best prospect in the Dodgers organization. Last year he lead the Southern League with 28 homers.

So, anyway… What else do I say about it? It’s Bowman. It exists to give us cards of minor leaguers and a superfluous base set of Major Leaguers.  It’s clearly not meant to appeal to me.

Has anyone else opened packs of Bowman?  What do you think about it?  If you’ve already written a post, feel free to leave a link in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Pack Animal! 2015 Bowman Retail

  1. I’ve never bought much Bowman. Platinum once and I got a blaster of some variation from my father-in-law. Doesn’t do much for me. I’m no prospector.

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