1975 Topps Football Scratch-Off Game Cards

The other day I was going through my folders of scanned images, looking for something for a future post and I ran across my scans of the “scratch off” game inserts from 1975 Topps football… and I said “I didn’t write about that already? Huh…”

So, as you might have guessed, 1975 Topps Football came with a scratch off game inserted into packs. Since I busted the proverbial crap-ton of 1975 Football wax, I went through a lot of these scratch off games… and over the past few years, I realized I still had some of them. Even better, I have them in unscratched and scratched condition, so that’s what I’m going to show you today.

Here’s what the card looks like out of the pack.
1975 Topps Football Scratchoff Front
The rules on the back say that you play against another kid, each of you with a card. I can’t remember ever doing that, that was more trouble than it was worth. I think I may have played it myself, when I did play it. Each box is supposed to be a down, more or less. Well, you can just look at the back of the card for the rules, if you’re interested.
1975 Topps Football Scratchoff back
The actual scratched-card doesn’t show up well in a scan, as the print underneath is very light… so I played with the brightness and contrast in the image to punch it up a bit.
1975 Topps Football Scratchoff scratched high contrast
Anyway, I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this, I just figured you might find this interesting.


2 thoughts on “1975 Topps Football Scratch-Off Game Cards

  1. I too in those days tore into a ton of Football, Hockey and some basketball that year they had these scratch off cards 75-76. Surprisingly I still have at least 2 each of the Hockey and Football scratchoffs unscratched. I won an auction for a couple of the basketball ones. They are in transit. I plan on doing an overall post about them in particular and in scratch offs in general. Most of my cards from that year sadly I had “traded” away in 78-79 when I was big into a flipping game with one of my friends. He managed to win most of the time so he got a ton of my cards and I barely got much of anything from him.

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