2015 TSR: Four Fried Chickens And A Coke

I have a feeling that today’s virtual pack will be all over the place… You can never tell with these packs.  If nothing else, you have to admit the collation is fantastic.  I’ve never pulled a double out of one of these.

OK, let’s tear into it!
2015 TSR Series 2 Wrapper

Yesterday I was reading the “Baseball Capsules” off of a prominent internet website which I shall not mention, and I noticed something going on in the Majors.

First off, the Nats’ Anthony Rendon made his season debut on Thursday, after missing two months to injury.
2015 TSR #154 - Anthony Rendon

In the same game, closer Hector Rondon got his 10th save as the Cubs beat the Nationals.
2015 TSR #153 - Hector Rondon

Elsewhere on Thursday, I saw that Chisox rookie Carlos Rodon got a career-high 10 strikeouts in a no-decision against the Rangers.
2015 TSR #136 - Carlos Rodon

I sense a trend here… Rendon, Rondon, Rodon…

2015 TSR Fauxback Rodan
Sure, why not.

Reader Request #1: Julie over at A Cracked Bat had requested a card of Jose Altuve in the Astros’ “Tequila Sunrise” uniforms. I’m going to issue a virtual redemption card for that one, and until I can find the appropriate image I hope that Julie will be satisfied with Altuve in some 1965 throwbacks.
2015 TSR TB-6 Jose Altuve

This next card comes with an announcement (and a backing musical track that you’re just going to have to imagine for yourself):

We’re so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight.  We would especially like to welcome all the representatives of Illinois’ law enforcement community who have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel ballroom at this time.  We certainly hope you all enjoy the show and remember, people, that no matter who you are or what you do to live, thrive and survive, there’s still some things that make us all the same… you… me… them… everybody.  Everybody.
2015 TSR SSS-1 Jake Elmore Jake Elwood
(Apologies to the fine people formerly associated with Fleer… I always loved the SuperStar Special cards in Fleer sets, and since nobody is using the name, I figured I’d borrow it for my own inserts)

Last weekend, Mrs. Shlabotnik was watching the Orioles and I heard the announcers say something about Tampa Bay’s Jake Elmore. Instantly in my head I heard Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy saying “Jake! Elmore! Shoot, it’s the Blues Brothers!” (I cleaned up the quote a little for this blog). At that point, a beam of light shone down upon me from the heavens and I said “A custom! I gotta make a custom!”

So yes, I’m on a mission from God.

Speaking of inspiration, I was trying to think of who to include in the rub-on tattoo inserts that come in these Series Two packs, and it occurred to me that it should be someone who has a lot of tattoos and would appreciate BEING a tattoo.

There are all kinds of guys that would fall into that category, but for this week I decided to go with Yadier Molina
2015 TSR Yadier Molina Tattoo

…And just a reminder, the image is reversed because it’s a virtual rub-on tattoo;  if anyone wants to somehow convert this to a real rub-on and apply it to their arm (or wherever), it would then show up properly.

Reader Request #2: Gary over at Coco Crisp’s Afro was hoping to see a card of Ben Zobrist, and – what luck! – Here’s everyone’s favorite baseball player whose name begins with a “Z”… Wait, let me modify that a little… Everyone’s favorite player who’s name begins with “Z-O”, because I’m a fan of Ryan Zimmerman…
2015 TSR #153 - Ben Zobrist

Zobrist is a popular guy…. I hear his name repeatedly in trade rumors.  The Cubs have interest… the Mets have interest… the Nationals have interest… The Yankees have interest.  That’s what happens when you can play multiple positions while staying productive at the plate.  Zobrist is also in a walk year, so it seems pretty likely that he’s going to have a “Traded” card in a later series.

OK, that’s it for this pack.  We should have a few more customs coming your way soon.

Just a reminder:  Series Three comes out in July, so make sure that your friendly neighborhood virtual retailer places their order!

6 thoughts on “2015 TSR: Four Fried Chickens And A Coke

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