The Most Awesome Soccer Cards In The History Of Forever!!! – Part Two

Just over two years ago I shared several Scottish Football cards (soccer to us uncultured Americans) that I’d picked up in 2009.  These cards were done using the same design as 1975 Topps Baseball…
1975-76 Topps Scottish Footballers Ian Sneddon

…And I’d declared them to be “The Most Awesome Soccer Cards In The History Of Forever!!!”  There may have been a touch of hyperbole involved… but only a touch.

And now, thanks to a recent delivery from Shoebox Legends, my collection of most awesome British footballer cards based on Topps designs has increased by 66%.

Here are the two cards, both from the 1960-61 A&BC Footballer set…  I’m not going to say much about the players depicted because you can read the card back just as easily as I can.

Ron Springett, Sheffield Wednesday.
1960 A&BC Ron Springett
1960 A&BC Ron Springett back
Ron Springett was a goalie who played for England in international competition, and playing for Sheffield Wednesday was his “day job”… hence the two listings on the front of the card.

Why is it that in North American we get teams that are nothing but “United this” and “FC that”, while England has Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham Hotspur, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers and West Bromwich Albion?  This is all penance for referring to the sport as “soccer”, isn’t it?

Brian Clough, Middlesbrough

This next card was for a name I knew… but I didn’t know whose name it was until I got this card.  Puzzled?  Read on…
1960 A&BC Brian Clough
1960 A&BC Brian Clough back
You see, I’ve watched far too much Monty Python, Doctor Who and other British television over my nearly 50 years…  In the process I’ve picked up lots of names and cultural references that I don’t always understand until later.

In the case of Brian Clough, “later” came with this card.  There was a quiz show parody on Monty Python’s Flying Circus (also performed on the “Live At Drury Lane” album) which briefly references Brian Clough.  Let’s put it this way… if someone asks you what is the main food that penguins eat, the answer is not “Brian Clough”.

Here’s the Drury Lane version;  If you don’t care for Python and just want to hear the actual reference, it’s at roughtly 2:10.

ANYWAY… Enough about Python and Anglophilia… Let’s get back to the cards…

1960-61 A&BC Footballers was issued in two series of 42 cards each.  Both of my new acquisitions are from series 1.  A&BC was a British company which had licensed the designs from Topps and repurposed the designs for Association Football.

As a result of the licensing agreement, the 1960 A&BC Footballer design is based on two different Topps designs from the year prior. The fronts are based on 1959 Topps Baseball…
1959 Topps Gail Harris
The font is slightly different; look at the “g” in “Gail”, “Springett” and “Clough”.

The backs are based on 1959 Topps Football, complete with “Magic Answer”.
1959 Topps Gern Nagler back

For more information on the A&BC set, you can read about it at Nigel’s Webspace, Diamond Cuts And Wax Stains, and, of course, Shoebox Legends.

Thanks again, Shane!

5 thoughts on “The Most Awesome Soccer Cards In The History Of Forever!!! – Part Two

  1. Brian Clough (pronounced Cluff, and forever known as Cluffie) is the greatest football manager ever, bar none, and it’s a travesty that he never managed England. He took Nottingham Forest, a previously mediocre 2nd Division side to two consecutive European Cups. He also managed Derby County, Forest’s local rivals, and the main trunk road between the two cities is now named Brian Clough Way in his honour. He was known for his eccentric ways, for instance he once slapped a couple of pitch invaders around the ear, later agreeing to meet up with them when he insisted that they give him a kiss to show that there were no hard feelings! His life is celebrated every September 20th on Green Jumper Day when English football fans don green sweaters, as always worn by Cluffie.

    • Thank you very much for the information on Cluffie! I must not have “Googled” him properly, as I didn’t find anywhere near that amount of information (not that I tried terribly hard). I figured he must’ve been something of a household name in the early 1970’s for Python to have made a joking reference to him.

      • Cluffie lasted under 6 weeks at Leeds United because of little Billy Brenner his football card NOT SOCCER is on its way , great site just found it LIVERPOOL F.C

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cards, and I love the Monty Python reference! Definitely did not know that. I’ve watched The Holy Grail probably 100 times or more, but am only spotty on a lot of the Flying Circus stuff.

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