You Can Ignore This Post If You’re Not Interested In Custom Cards Or 1978 Topps

Alternately, if you’re interested in knowing why I used to post on a daily basis and no longer do, this will shed some light on the type of thing that distracts me from seeing things through to completion.

First I need to explain something…  Ever since I started making custom cards, it’s been a goal to make realistic-looking cards in the style of the 1978 Topps set.  The main reason I wanted to do this is because I love the set, but the second reason was because of the challenge it presents.

The challenge comes from the team name at the bottom.
1978 Topps Mike Flanagan
That’s not a font. That’s calligraphy, and a bit of a problem when it comes to making customs of the five teams which didn’t exist in 1978 (Nationals, Rockies, Marlins, Rays and Diamondbacks).

As I’d run through in a previous post, I had a secret evil plan in mind to fake my way through these problematic teams by playing Dr. Frankenstein with the existing team names, surgically removing letters or combinations of letters and piecing them back together in a way that God (or Topps) never intended.
Faked up Nationals

Also, as mentioned in that same previous post, Topps had created their own “Wall Art” in the 1978 design, and included several teams (but not all) of the missing teams.
Topps Timothy Raines Art Collection - Rockies
I could just copy their version of “Rockies”, but I wasn’t happy with some of their artwork… and I’d still have to create my own “Marlins”.

I started playing around with this stuff, but I’ve always got too many irons in the fire and this particular iron cooled off a bit.

…And then…

Over at The Phillies Room, they are making plans for the 2016 Chachi set and working to determine which of four Topps designs (1970, 1971, 1978, 1982) will be the basis for that custom set’s design (You have my permission to go over there and vote, as long as you come back here).

In trying to decide on which set to vote for, I was flipping through my 1978 Topps binder when I inadvertently reenacted a scene from pretty much every TV detective show since the dawn of television (and for the purposes of this little vignette, pretend I have an assistant, even though in reality I do not):

Joe Shlabotnik is flipping through a binder when he suddenly appears stricken, looks up and speaks to nobody.
Joe: Of course!  It was right in front of me all the time!
Assistant: What?
Joe: (Frantically flipping through the binder, searching for something) How could I have been so blind?
Assistant: …What???
Joe: (Grabbing the binder and starts to run out of the room) If it were a snake it would’ve bitten me!
Assistant: WHAT?!?!?
Joe: (Stops, pauses to gather himself, and turns back to the Assistant) All along, all of my primary suspects were the teams… But we’d completely overlooked…

(Dramatic Pause)

1978 Topps Checklist 1-121

All along I though we had 26 words to play with, when we actually have 27.

This is far from a major medical breakthrough, but it does have some ramifications…

First off, we’ve got a lower-case “c” in there, something that doesn’t exist in any of the team names.

Second, we’ve got a “ck” combination.  What else uses the “ck” combination?  RoCKies.  DiamondbaCKs (or D-BaCKs, however you want to go).

Third, we’ve got an “li” combination that can be used in Marlins. (Or we can just stick with the previous plans of combining MARiners, a random “L” and “twINS”).

And, if nothing else, it’s just another arrow in the quiver.  You never know when it might come in handy for doing older MLB teams, minor league teams, Japanese teams, NFL teams, whatever.

OK, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to my idle pondering of what colors combinations would work best for the 1978 Rockies, Marlins, Rays and D-Backs…

5 thoughts on “You Can Ignore This Post If You’re Not Interested In Custom Cards Or 1978 Topps

  1. I can definately relate with getting distracted! While working on the 2015 base set and highlights, I am distracted all the time with other ideas for custom cards that pop up. Good luck!

  2. That font is a bitch. I didn’t even try to match it on the ’78 SNL cards. Just used a similar “brush” font. I commend the scavenger art approach! Looking forward to your ’78s :)

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