2015 TSR: Men On The Move (?)

This week’s pack involves guys who have been subject to trade rumors. The deadline will be here before you know it, and I have a feeling that once the first trade comes, more will follow in rapid succession.

Here’s the wrapper for our pack. This should be the last Series Two pack… Series Three should’ve been out around the beginning of the month, but there were… *cough*… production issues (I haven’t made a Series Three wrapper yet)

2015 TSR Series Two wrapper

First card, Carlos Gomez. The Brewers have been playing better of late, but they’re still well below .500 and in last place.
2015 TSR #178 - Carlos Gomez
I don’t know if the Brew Crew truly has any interest in trading Gomez, who is a free agent after 2016, but if they’re willing to listen, other teams are willing to talk.

Ah, Johnny Cueto. The way the rumors are flying about him, it would be something of a surprise if he doesn’t get traded.
2015 TSR #170 - Johnny Cueto
The Orioles, Dodgers, Astros, Yankees, Royals, Tigers and Blue Jays (and likely others) have all all been said to have interest.

Mat Latos pitches for the Marlins, and who knows what the Marlins are ever going to do? I suffer enough as a Mets fan, I don’t know how anyone handles being a fan of the Fish.
2015 TSR #175 - Mat Latos
Latos’  numbers aren’t that that great this year, but I’ve heard that he’s a player who could benefit from a change of scenery. He’s in a walk year, so nobody would have to commit too much to him.

I hope Justin Upton didn’t buy a house in the San Diego area.
2015 TSR #177 - Justin Upton
The Padres were expected to contend this year after a major winter shakeup, but it hasn’t happened. I’ve heard the Mets have interest in Upton.

Speaking of the Mets, there have been rumors surrounding Jon Niese for a while, but that might be more wishful thinking on the Mets part.
2015 TSR #172 - Jon Niese
The Mets do seem to have a surplus of pitching, but Niese hasn’t been lights-out this year, and the Mets might not like what they’re offered for him.

The Phillies are in the midst of a dreadful season, and they may decide to sell off  marketable players like Ben Revere… “We stink with you, we can stink without you”.
2015 TSR #171 - Ben Revere

The Angels supposedly were talking trade, but it never panned out.  I know a junior staff member over at The Phillies Room will be heartbroken if Revere is traded, so that’s enough reason for me to hope he stays put.

There’s one more card of a “man on the move”… although this guy has already been there and back, so to speak.
2015 TSR #176 - Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Kirk Nieuwenhuis was a 3rd round pick of the Mets in 2008, came up through the Mets system and has played over 200 games for the Mets the past 4 years.  On May 27th he was sold to the Angels… he played 10 games for the Angels before being put on waivers and claimed by the Mets.  I like Niewenhuis enough that I can spell his name off the top of my head, so I couldn’t resist  making a custom of his time with the Angels.

Niewenhuis hit three homers yesterday, giving the Mets the look of geniuses, something that’s been in short supply lately.

We’ll wrap up this virtual wax pack with a Max Scherzer tattoo.

2015 TSR Max Scherzer Tattoo

With Scherzer having two different colored eyes, I couldn’t resist making a tattoo for him.  The way it turned out, it looks sort of like a character from a Filmation cartoon.

11 thoughts on “2015 TSR: Men On The Move (?)

  1. Aww, poor Niese. Some ones always trading him. Kirk card-awesome idea-I dont think I even saw him as an Angel. The Scherzer tat is incredibly cool :)

  2. Awesome looking cards and wax pack. If I saw that at my local Target (as Jim at Phillies Report had me believing for about 30 seconds), I would snap up a big handful of them! If you are looking for a price to put on the pack, I think 15 cents would be about right. It would be worth a lot more, but that’s what the pack design says to me.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Steve! My goal is always to make a virtual version of a set I would want to go out and buy, and I’m always glad to hear that others like it as well. This design was intended to be roughly late 1970’s, early 1980’s, so whatever a pack went for at that time, that’s the price.

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