Arbitrarily Chosen Cards, Wrappers And Such

Due to a lack of time and a dwindling number of active brain cells, I’m feeling the need to just play “Show And Tell” here, so here are some arbitrarily chosen cards from my many folders of images…

Cool, big card with Dick Perez artwork. This is from the 1984 Donruss Champions set.
1984 Donruss Champions Frank Robinson

1985 Fleer Baseball wrapper. Because.
1985 Fleer Baseball wrapper

I picked this up somewhere, but it seems like a waste… It’s a big card with a just-slightly-bigger-than-standard-size image. I never really got the point.
1993 Stadium Club Master Photo Cal Ripken

I slightly overpaid for this card on COMC just because it was the last card I needed for my 2005 Topps Total Mets team set.
2005 Topps Total Kazuo Matsui
Probably appropriate because the Mets ended up overpaying for Kaz Matsui.

I picked up t his 2014 Pro Debut card of Cardinals prospect Stephen Pisciotty just because I liked the photo.
2014 Topps Pro Debut Stephen Pisciotty
There’s no baseball in the picture, so it may well have been staged. I don’t care, I like it.

What I want to know is whether Hackenbush collects Quackenbush…
2012 Topps Heritage Minor League Kevin Quackenbush
…And if not, perhaps he can explain why.

This image was left over from another post… Damned if I can remember which one.
Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Tony Kubek
Tony Kubek was a broadcaster on NBC when I was a kid, and for some reason I can never get used to the idea that he was a player as well.  Just one of them things.

Wrapping up with a 1978 Fleer Grand Slam sticker.
1978 Fleer Grand Slam Sticker Brewers


5 thoughts on “Arbitrarily Chosen Cards, Wrappers And Such

  1. Great cards. Really digging that Tony Kubek.

    I never really understood those Stadium Club Master Photo cards either. I guess before autographs and fake GU pieces Topps was looking for anyway to get more money out of collectors. Same with those GU cards that you get from Target that have the card and the GU piece underneath the card on separate cardboard. Whats the point?

  2. Love posts with random cards… especially ones that feature oddballs like Donruss Champions and Fleer Grand Slam Hi-Gloss stickers. If I ever discover a cool way to display wax pack wrappers, I’ll definitely start collecting the 1981 to 1986 wrappers in recognition of my “innocent” years of collecting.

    • I don’t exactly display my wrappers, and the one in the post is just one I happened to hang on to, but for the ones I do have intentionally, I put them in the binder with my set, in a single-pocket sheet up front.

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