I’ll Be With You Girl, Like Being Low…

Hey, hey, hey, like being stoned…

I recently picked up a few 1970’s O-Pee-Chee hockey cards… I was looking mostly for Washington Capitals cards, as well as cards which just had cool action shots.  The two cards I’m about to share both have cool action shots, and they both prominently feature Capitals’ goalie Ron Low… and yet neither card is technically a Capitals card.

First we have Ron Low’s card from the 1977-78 OPC set;  during the offseason Low had been traded to the Red Wings, and this card reflects that transaction.
1977-78 OPC Ron Low
It also has a pretty cool action shot involving what I imagine is a defenseman and the leg of a Los Angeles King.

The second card features Don Kozak of the Kings, and who’s that in the background?  Why, it’s Ron Low!  How about that?
1977-78 OPC Don Kozak
If I had gone strictly by the checklists in my possession and looked only for cards listed as being Washington Capitals, I would’ve missed out on both of these beauties.

I thought I might be able to figure out which game this was (assuming both photos are from the same game), but the Kings made three trips to the Cap Center during the 1976/77 season, and I don’t know of a way to find out who played in which game.  Maybe someone out there has a better information source than I do.

Ron Low later went on to be a coach, and was the head coach of the New York Rangers for two years.  This came as a surprise to me, but it happened after I’d largely lost interest in the NHL.

If you’re not familiar with my subject line, this should give you a clue…


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