A Goofy Custom Which Was Inspired By A Typo

In this past Saturday’s post about The Next Fifteen Years Of Heritage, I originally fat-fingered the name of the 1979 Topps All-Time Record Holders subset as “All-Tim Record Holders”.  I corrected it before I posted, but the dumb-ass idea I got from the typo was one I couldn’t resist.

And so…

1979 Topps All Tim Strikeouts Lincecum Wakefield

Given the amount of time I spent researching this, I wouldn’t bet my life that Lincecum and Wakefield are, in fact, the record holders for strikeouts by players named Tim, but I’m fairly confident that the following is correct:

  • The All-Tim high for strikeouts in a season is Tim Lincecum with 265 in 2008, the first of his two Cy Young seasons.
  • The All-Tim career high for strikeouts is Tim Wakefield with 2,156 while pitching for the Pirates (1992-1993) and Red Sox (1995-2011).

5 thoughts on “A Goofy Custom Which Was Inspired By A Typo

    • Ha ha! I’d like to know the all time HR HR leader is (the all time leader in home runs for players with the initials H.R.).

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