Chocolate Chip Bagels Are The Devil’s Baked Goods

When one is looking in a bag full of bagels that someone brought into work, chocolate chip bagels look for all the world like a cinnamon raisin bagel.  It’s often not until after the first bite that one realizes the tragic mistake that’s been made.

…This is another post of arbitrarily-chosen cards…

One of the people who most recently signed up to follow this blog has an email address that makes it clear that they are a fan of everyone’s favorite one-year team, the Seattle Pilots. Because I’m not above pandering to my readers, here’s a card which features a nice shot of the Pilot’s road unis.
1970 Topps Steve Hovley
Steve Hovley is one of the more interesting people in Jim Bouton’s book, Ball Four.  I can’t remember any particular quotes, even though I’ve read the book multiple times… But none in the past 20 years, so I’m coming up dry.

Hey, as long as I’m sucking up to my Pilots-loving readership, here’s a photo of a road jersey that I took at The National when it was in Baltimore three years ago.
Seattle Pilots Road Jersey

Speaking of Pilots, here’s a guy who’s been known to pilot an X-wing fighter.  This is a sticker from a Star Wars pack I bought back in 1977.
1977 Topps Star Wars Sticker 42
I would guess that people below a certain age might recognize that the sprocket hole pattern on either side of the image is meant to represent film somehow, but they may not understand exactly how or why.. Kind of like how they recognize the little floppy disk symbol as “save” even though they themselves have never used a floppy.

BTW, I don’t mean to call Millenials out or anything like that.  There’s no reason they should be familiar with film or know how to use a rotary phone, just like my parents were very familiar with automats while I’ve only seen them in Bugs Bunny cartoons.  I view these things as something of interest rather than a cause for alarm.


Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud, back when he was in the Blue Jays’ organization!
2011 Heritage Minors Travis d'Arnaud

Of course, between the mask and the shades, we  just have to take Topps’ word that this is Travis d’Arnaud…

I mentioned the other day that I found a bunch of long-lost cards of mine. Part of that find included my old 1970 Fleer World Series cards. This is not one of those… This was bought as a replacement for cards that I thought were long gone. Oh, well.
1970 Fleer World Series 30 Giants Senators
1970 Fleer World Series 30 Back

As a public service, I present the following card of the 3rd baseman on the 1970 Topps All-Star Rookie team.  Remember, kids, when it comes to rookies, past performance does not predict future results!

1971 Topps Alan Gallagher

Gallagher’s full name is Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry Gallagher.

Because I’ve got a backlog of scans from the 1968 Topps Game insert, here’s Gene Alley.

1968 Topps Game Gene Alley

In 1968, Gene was coming off his second Gold Glove.  I should mention that he played shortstop.

…And we finish up with an actual 1980’s bumper sticker from what may be Francisco Rodriguez’ favorite radio station.
KROD bumper sticker
A friend of mine got this for me back in the day when I collected radio station bumper stickers. 600 AM in El Paso is still KROD, but now it’s an ESPN station and they are the radio home of the AAA El Paso Chihuahuas. How fitting is that?


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Bagels Are The Devil’s Baked Goods

  1. Chocolate Chip Bagels Are The Devil’s Baked Goods Truer words have never been spoken. Who the heck puts chocolate chips in bagels? Toasted plain bagels with butter, cream cheese if I’m feeling skinny or as an egg salad sandwich. That’s how life is supposed to work.

    You still collect radio station stickers? If so I can hook you up with a few.

    • A certain national chain thinks its a good idea, apparently. I won’t give them the publicity here.

      It’s been a number of years since I collected bumper stickers, but I won’t say I haven’t given thought to picking up a few. I’ll give you a shout if I decide to go that way again.

  2. Anytime you make me run over to Google and look something up, it’s a great post. This time around, I had to look up “automat”. And although I never went to a legit “automat”, I do remember my father taking me to his work. The cafeteria had a bunch of vending machines that carried everything from sandwiches to fruits to ice cream bars. He’d give me a bunch of nickels and I’d build my own lunch. Great memories spawned by a great post.

    • Glad to have inspired some memories! I remember my parents, aunts & uncles making off-handed references to Horn & Hardart, which meant nothing to me as a kid, but had been *the* automat chain, at least in New York City. For me, it just gave me information on where Bugs Bunny was when he put a nickel in a slot, reached in, got a piece of pie which he then applied to the face of Elmer Fudd or whoever was chasing him.

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