2015 Topps Factory Set Bonus Cards

As I did last year, I bought a factory set of 2015 Topps rather than busting wax.

Unlike last year, I learned from my lessons and bought a set that had the 5 rookie variations *and* the Ken Griffey refractor reprint thingie card. Last year mistakenly I thought the rookie variations and the Koufax reprint was an either/or thing.

The three bonus card options at my local Target stores were five All-Star variations, five rookie variations and five rookie variations with the shiny Griffey.  Here’s the Griffey I got:

2015 Topps Factory Set 1989 Traded Griffey refractor
2015 Topps Factory Set 1989 Traded Griffey refractor back

Not a whole lot of interest for me… The same card I’ve had for 26 years, only shinier. Yay.

I don’t have much to say about the variations, but I figure people might want to know what they look like, so here they are.

2015 Topps Factory Set Joc Pederson

2015 Topps Factory Set Jorge Soler

2015 Topps Factory Set Kris Bryant

2015 Topps Factory Set Archie Bradley

2015 Topps Factory Set Devon Travis


5 thoughts on “2015 Topps Factory Set Bonus Cards

  1. I guess it’s bad that I have to admit that I don’t know who Devon Travis is or that Archie Bradley spent enough time in the major leagues this year to land one of the spots in a five card rookie variation set.

      • Unfortunately, DEVON TRAVIS started the 2015 season hot as a pistol and was initially being touted as a strong AL ROY candidate until he ran into these injuries …

        It was announced Tuesday that Travis may return before this season ends but appears to be out of the running for that high honor in 2016 as he already has more than the maximum at-bats to be considered with 217 in 62 games, with 8 HR and 35 RBI.

  2. There are also gold refractor parallels for the Griffey reprints. I have the 89, 99, and 07 regular versions but I only have the gold refractor for the 89. Waiting for the excitement (prices) to die down to land the other two.

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