An Unexpected Number Of 1968’s, Part One

I’ve noticed a particular phenomenon when I go shopping on COMC, especially during a free-shipping promotion.  I’ll do some shopping, do some other things, do more shopping, do more things, and so on during the weekend… and it won’t be until I get the box from COMC that I get a handle on exactly what I bought.

One thing I realized about my last two shopping sprees was that ended up getting a lot more 1968 baseball cards than I’d intended or even realized. Some of them came off of wantlists but a bunch of them were impulse buys which just sneaked up on me.

Dick Selma puts me one step closer to the Mets team set… a goal I won’t likely reach unless I miraculously find a Nolan Ryan/Jerry Koosman rookie that falls in my budget (HAH!)
1968 Topps Dick Selma

An Orioles team set is somewhat more realistic, but I didn’t grow up an Orioles fan so I don’t have any huge attachment to the O’s before when I started following them in the mid-1990’s.
1968 Topps Sam Bowens
I knew very little about Sam Bowens before buying this card. Now I know he had a good rookie season that he never quite recaptured, but stuck around because of his defensive capabilities.

I don’t remember why I bought this… probably because it was unusually cheap, and old enough that “unusually cheap” is sufficient cause for me to buy it.
1968 Topps Woody Fryman

I do remember buying this card… I bought it because I liked it. Not the greatest card out of 1968, but it has it’s appeal.
1968 Topps Chico Ruiz
Chico Ruiz was one of the last Cubans to leave before the border was shut down, played every position but pitcher and center field, and was still an active player when he was killed in a car crash in early 1972.

As  you can see, Dick Dietz was a Topps All-Star Rookie, and was later an actual All-Star.
1968 Topps Dick Dietz
Dick Dietz seemed to have had a career and then he didn’t.  I’ve seen a couple of references to him having been blackballed because he was a player representative during the 1972 baseball strike.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it would not surprise me in the least.

For some reason, I’ve been picking up late 1960’s and early 1970’s Yankees.  Yes, I am a Mets fan.  No, I can’t explain it.
1968 Topps Bill Monbouquette
Bill Monbouquette was a 20-game winner with the Red Sox, and was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. 1968 was his last year as an active pitcher, but he would go on to server as a pitching coach for a number of years, including two years as the Mets pitching coach. I should’ve just said that up front instead of admitting that I buy Yankee cards on purpose.

And, of course, what are 1968 Topps cards without the Game inserts? I’m sure you don’t need any introduction to Brooks Robinson…
1968 Topps Game Brooks Robinson

…Or Ron Santo.
1968 Topps Game Ron Santo

As you can guess from the heading, this is just the first batch of 68’s… I didn’t want to dump them all on you at once (and I wanted the opportunity to have some relatively easy posts in the near future).  Stay tuned!

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