STWTW: I Found My Wacky Packages, Part 1

…Another in a series of “So That’s Where That Went” posts…

Nearly two months ago I wrote a post about a big hobby regret of mine.  That regret was that, as a kid, I stuck most of my Wacky Packages stickers on a notebook.

In that post, I’d mentioned that I still had the Wacky-encrusted covers of that notebook, but I didn’t remember where it was.

In the past two months, I had a minor epiphany… I was looking for that in my collectibles, but it was a school notebook, so maybe it’s in with my school stuff…

BINGO!  I struck paydirt, and I decided that I would share my stuck stickers in all of their 40-year-old glory.  I’m going to dedicate one post to each of the sides of the front and back covers… and we’ll start with what I think was the inside front cover… I’ve lost track of which was which, and it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Page 1 Page 1_1 Page 1_2 Page 1_3 Page 1_4 Page 1_5 Page 1_6

6 thoughts on “STWTW: I Found My Wacky Packages, Part 1

  1. Awesome find! Love those things. I still use some of the Wacky names to this day….Liptorn, Band-Ache, Cap’n Crud and Neveready! Looks like another quest for you too, lol.

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