The Latest Style In Repacks! (Now Available At Target)

On Friday, I had a less-than-stellar day at work and some shopping to do at Target on the way home, so I figured I’d make my life a little bit more enjoyable by getting some cards.  I thought about getting one of those 100 card repacks that come in the hard plastic case, but I wasn’t sure they’d have any.  I don’t know about the Targets everywhere else, but the ones by me seemed to be phasing those out.

Sure enough, the $3.99 hard plastic repacks have been replaced by the $4.99 cardboard box repacks.
Fairfield Repack From Taget - 8-28-15

I’d bought one of these before at a Walgreen’s and wasn’t displeased with what I got, so i figured I’d go for it.  Unlike the old 100 card repacks, you can only see the one card on top, and you don’t even see the entire card.  All of the repacks they had showed a Panini Prizm parallel on the top, but which player and which “BASEBALL CLUB” (because it’s Panini) were covered up, so I went with the guy in the blue uniform on the off chance that he’d be a Mets prospect I didn’t know by sight.

The box says “1:4 CONTAIN A HIT!”  I’m not sure what their definition of a “hit” is, but I did OK by myself.  There’s a surprising amount of value in this repack… Not enough to finance that Mike Schmidt rookie I need to complete my 1973 set, but there are more than a couple of cards I could conceivably sell on COMC… And that’s not bad for a repack.

Naturally, I also got a lot of junk wax… I would guess about 30 of the cards I got went into the recycling.  I also got some cards that were needed, but not worth scanning and sharing.  But I figured the rest would be of interest, so here we are.

For starters, I got a 2015 Topps Series 1 Kevin Kiermaier… This isn’t an example of the value, but more of an indication of when this repack was put together (hint: It was sometime this year).
2015 Topps Kevin Kiermaier

This is probably the coolest card I got out of the pack. This is a 1990 Collegiate Collection Arizona State card of former Met, Ranger and Mariner Lenny Randle.
1990 Collegiate Collection ASU Lenny Randle
It’s an oddball, it’s an oddball of a player I want an oddball of, and it’s an oddball I wouldn’t normally think of looking for. Sounds like a winner to me.

This next card is a 1993 Topps Gold of Gary Gaetti, but I like it because it features a favorite former Met of mine, catcher Junior Ortiz.
1993 Topps Gold Gary Gaetti
I believe this play happened on May 2, 1992. There were only three games in Cleveland in 1992 where both Gaetti and Ortiz played.  Gaetti scored no runs in those three games, but was out at the plate in the May 2nd game: Junior Felix leads off the top of the 4th with a single, Hubie Brooks (Mets alumni #2) grounds out, advancing Felix to second. Gaetti singles, Felix scores and Gaetti advances to second on the throw. Mike Fitzgerald (Mets alumni #3) singles to center, Gaetti tries to score but is thrown out Kenny Lofton to Carlos Baerga (Mets alumni #4) to Ortiz.

Like the Lenny Randle card, this one also surprised me…
1994 OPC Steve Finley_0001
If you don’t recognize it, it’s a 1994 O-Pee-Chee baseball, the last baseball set they made.  As 1990’s sets go, this one is relatively rare.  Not a card I’d seek out, and not a player or team I’d collect, but it’s cool enough that I’m hanging on to it… for now, anyway.

I forgot that Joe Maddon went far enough back with the Rays that he wore the green unis.
2006 UD Joe Maddon
At one point, I thought that these unis were OK. I don’t feel that way anymore. I appreciate the different color, but they’re just another in a line of uninspired Rays uniforms. The current batch would be a lot better if they’d just add a bit of color… Maybe a yellow bill on the cap, or something.

2012 Topps Chrome Orange parallel of Cole Hamels. Again, not a financial windfall, but still pretty decent.
2012 Topps Chrome Orange Cole Hamels

This is the card from the top of the box: A shiny shiny red parallel from the 2013 Panini Prizm set.
2013 Panini Prizm Nick Tepesch
Nick Tepesch is a Rangers pitcher who’s missed all of this season so far. This doesn’t look like anything more than a common parallel, but it’s not bad looking and still more interesting than, say, a 1988 Donruss Tommy Gregg.

A cool insert featuring Tim Raines;  this is from 2014 Topps.
2014 Topps Breakout Moments Tim Raines
It’s funny how enjoyable it has become to pull anything related to the Expos. Will we be saying the same thing about the Rays someday, or does some of it have to do with the general feeling that Montreal got screwed?

This last card might be what Fairfield considered a “hit”.
2015 Heritage Jeff Samardzija
At first, I was thinking “Oh, look a 2015 Heritage card”, until I habitually flipped it over, looked at the card number and saw that it’s #492 — “Holy cow, it’s a short print!”  Most of the other cards I pulled could conceivably have value;  this one definitely does… Maybe not a lot, but it’s probably a not-insignificant chunk of the $5.

Between all of these cards, I figure I probably got a reasonable return for my money, even before you factor in the “I’ve had a poopy day and I need some cards” motivation behind it… And, as usual, I have done a lot worse.  As long as have bad days, I’m going to need a cardboard fix, and since there are no dime or quarter boxes anywhere near where I live, repacks are as much random fun as I’m going to get without a road trip or the internet being involved.


8 thoughts on “The Latest Style In Repacks! (Now Available At Target)

  1. I’ve seen that style of repack at Walgreen’s (it’s a drug store like CVS or Rite Aid) but not at Target. I remember getting some fun things out of the one that I bought.

  2. I’ve also seen those at Target recently. I’ve picked up a few over the years and for most of them, I can say that I did reasonably well.

  3. I’ve had success with these from Walgreen’s in the past, and I may have to see if my Target has any now. That Randle is awesome, and I’m not sure repack pulls get much better than a 2015 Heritage SP like that Samardzija.

  4. I’ve seen these at Target and Walmart and I’ve always wondered if they were worth it. Never bought one. I’m very tempted now (they really have little else in stock right now). The Randle is excellent. To me that pays for half the box, easy.

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