A Cheap Lot Of 1972-73 O-Pee-Chee Hockey

It all comes down to this:  Well-loved, cheap 1970’s O-Pee-Chee hockey.  So what’s not to like?  Yes, they’ve got more than their share of creases, but that’s what you get for a buck.

I didn’t know anything about Roger Crozier before getting this card, but he has a few accomplishments on his C.V.
1972-73 OPC Roger Crozier
With the Red Wings in 1964-65, his first full season in the NHL, he played in all 70 regular season games, lead the league with 40 wins and 6 shutouts, was an All-Star and won the Calder Cup (awarded to the league’s most outstanding rookie). The following year he lead the league in losses, but won the Conn Smythe (MVP of the playoffs) as the Red Wings lost to the Habs 4-2 in the Stanley Cup finals.

Jude Drouin played over 300 games with the North Stars, but to me he’ll always be an Islander (pause while I spit on the ground at the mention of the Islanders).
1972-73 OPC Jude Drouin
I didn’t know that Drouin finished 2nd to Gilbert Perrault in the 1970-71 Calder voting. It was a distant second, but he still got a respectable percentage of the vote.

When I was a kid, I somehow latched on to the idea of Keith Magnuson as a superstar.
1972-73 OPC Keith Magnuson
Not that Magnuson wasn’t an excellent defenseman, but he wasn’t quite as good as I somehow thought he was.

This last card was easily the most interesting card for me, because 1972-73 was the first year for the Islanders and Atlanta Flames, and every Islander or Flame card I’d seen from this set had featured some other team’s uniform (they didn’t even bother airbrushing for early 1970’s hockey).  This card of Phil Myre was the first 1972-73 I’d seen that showed either team’s actual uniform.
1972-73 OPC Phil Myre
I went and looked up the Phil Myre card from the same year’s Topps set, and that card says “ATLANTA FLAMES”, but features a portrait of him in his Montreal Canadiens uniform.

While I’m not really collecting this set and it predates my Capitals team collection along with most of the players I have in mind to collect, I’m still happy with what I got and I learned a little something something about 1970’s O-Pee-Chee in the process.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


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