1962 Topps Remastered (But Is It Improved?)

Just over a week ago I was reading Night Owl’s Topps’ Set Countdown when I had a thought…

Night Owl referred to the 1962 design as a “peeling poster on a wooden fence”… and even though I know that’s what it’s meant to evoke, I hadn’t really thought about in a number of years…  It just is what it is.

I’ve always thought that the 1962 design was a little bland and could use a little spicing up, so I idly thought “too bad there wasn’t something more than wood under the peeling poster”… And that’s when it hit me – What if the peeling poster revealed an “older” poster underneath? And that poster could have the player’s information while getting a splash of color involved…

So I played around for a few minutes and came up with something.

Here’s an original 1962 Topps Ed Bouchee (which I chose because it’s a higher numbered card that features an actual Mets uniform):
1962 Topps Ed Bouchee

…And here’s my tweaked version.

1962 Topps Ed Bouchee improved 2

As Joel on Mystery Science Theater 3000 would say… “What do you think, sirs?”


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