Check Out My… Bookmarks???

My never-ending quest to find new oddballs during my COMC shopping sprees turned up these little beauties… Well, not-so-little beauties…  What you see below are technically not baseball cards, they’re bookmarks.  To be specific, 1993 Diamond Marks.
1993 Colla Collection DiamondMarks Darren Daulton
These cards are roughly 2.5″ x 5″, just a little taller than “Tall Boys”.  They were originally sold in packs of 10 – doesn’t everybody buy their bookmarks in foil packs? – and there are 120 unnumbered bookmarks in the set.

The front has a nice glossy coating on them;  here’s what the back looks like.
1993 Colla Collection DiamondMarks Darren Daulton back
Just to dip my toe into the water, I bought two cheap bookmarks for my player collections.  I like these enough that I’m going to go back (at some point) and pick up the Mets and Orioles, plus a few more for my other PC’s.

As part of my “investigative reporting”, I just went and tried these two out in one of my 6-pocket sheets, and they fit quite nicely… So they can get stored with your Tall Boys and other standard-width-but-taller cards.
1993 Colla Collection DiamondMarks BJ Surhoff

As you may have noticed, the small print on the back says that these are from “The Colla Collection”.  Barry Colla is a noted sports photographer who is known in collecting circles as having issued a number of postcard sets in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
1993 Colla Collection DiamondMarks BJ Surhoff back

One thing I found interesting about these… I’ve seen these referred to as a “test issue”, but if you go out to eBay or wherever and look at images of the packs, it actually says “1993 TEST ISSUE” across the top of the pack.  I don’t recall having seen anything that promoted itself as a test issue before.

This looks like a fun, relatively cheap set.  I got my cards for $0.45 each, but from a quick look at COMC and eBay, the HOFers will set you back a couple of bucks.


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