As A Public Service, Here’s A Guide To Some Confusing Rookies

There are two pairs of rookies who, if they all stick around, seem destined to cause more than their share of confusion in the Majors. As a service to the readers of The Shlabotnik Report, I present you with field guide to spotting these rookies.

First off is the Mets rookie pitcher Dario Alvarez:
2015 TSR #278 - Dario Alvarez
Dario pitched a few games last year, and is a September callup this year.

Second is Orioles rookie outfielder Dariel Alvarez:
2015 TSR #277 - Dariel Alvarez
Dariel was the Orioles’ #5 prospect entering this season (according to Baseball America).

So, to recap…
Dario Alvarez – Mets pitcher from the Dominican Republic.
Dariel Alvarez – Orioles outfielder from Cuba.

…and down in the lower levels of the Yankees organization is a young pitcher named Daniel Alvarez… Because you knew there had to be one.

Now that you’ve got that straight, I’ve got a bigger challenge for you.

You may already be familiar with Matt Duffy, who took over at 3rd for the Giants after Casey McGehee failed to stick at the hot corner.
2015 TSR #280 - Matt Duffy (Giants)
“Duffman” is making the people of San Francisco say “Panda?  What panda?  I don’t remember any pandas.”

So that’s Matt Duffy… Now, let’s turn instead to Matt Duffy.
2015 TSR #279 - Matt Duffy (Astros)
This Matt Duffy is also an infielder, but has spent his career in the Astros organization and was recently called up to Houston.

Although both are right-handed infielders, the Giants’ Matt Duffy is Matthew Michael Duffy from California, while the Astros’ Matt Duffy is Matthew Edward Duffy from Massachusetts.

Here’s the funny thing, and where the “Public Service” aspect really kicks in – it appears that all of the nationally-issued “pre-rookie” cards of Matt Duffy are not for the guy who’s starting in the majors and second only to Kris Bryant in Rookie Of The Year consideration, but for Astros Matt Duffy… So let’s be careful out there when buying your Duffy cards.


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