Unexpected 1968’s, Part Three

So here we are with the third an final chapter of “1968 Topps cards I got recently without realizing just how many I had acquired until the dust had settled”.

Bud Harrelson… Another step towards a Mets team set I’ll likely never achieve because of the Nolan Ryan rookie (and I’m cool with that).
1968 Topps Bud Harrelson
In 1968, Bud was coming off of his first full year in the majors, and he was the starting shortstop for the Mets.

Don Buford is capless and in pinstripes because he came to the Orioles in the same trade that sent Luis Aparicio to the White Sox
1968 Topps Don Buford
I almost hadn’t noticed the “2B – 3B” designation on this card.  Buford played the outfield for most of his time with the O’s, and even though I have at least one card featuring Buford with the Chisox, I didn’t realize he was an infielder.  According to baseball-reference.com, he was an outfielder with the University of Southern California, was converted to the infield by the White Sox and converted back by the Orioles.

Dean Chance was an All-Star in 1967… with the Twins.  I didn’t realize he’d played for the Twins.  I knew he started with the Angels and won a Cy Young in 1964, I knew he pitched for the Indians and Mets towards the end of his career, but I missed the Twins in the middle.
1968 Topps Game Dean Chance
Even though he appears with the Mets on his 1971 card, he only pitched 3 games for them in 1970.  Guess I should have had him on my “Short-term Mets” team.

Dick/Rich/Richie Allen was the NL Rookie of the Year, he was the AL MVP, he was a 7-time All-Star, and none of these things happened in 1968.
1968 Topps Game Dick Allen

Rod Carew is a ground out?  How can you have a guy with a .328 career BA be represented by a ground out?
1968 Topps game Rod Carew
When this card came out, Carew was 22-years-old, the reigning AL ROY and just starting a 19-year career where the only season he didn’t make the All-Star team was his last season in 1985.

Like his Orioles teammate Don Buford, Pete Richert is also capless and in pinstripes… Unlike Buford, they’re Senators pinstripes, not White Sox pinstripes.
1968 Topps Pete Richert

This last card is a Bob Tolan card I bought solely because I liked the photo.
1968 Topps Bob Tolan

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