…So When Did Ichiro And Topps Make Nice?

Yesterday I was killing some time during lunch and saw an online preview of 2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers, which is apparently coming out very soon. For those who didn’t know, it’s going to be packs again instead of a factory set, and of course there are all kinds of variations and short prints and blah blah blah.

I was idly looking at the High Numbers checklist on Topps.com to see how many Mets and Orioles there are, when something caught my eye:
2015 Heritage Hi # checklist Ichiro

In a Topps product? Holy crap!  That hasn’t happened since 2012!

Then my eye wandered down a little further and I saw another player who hadn’t been in a Topps product since 2010 (or so I thought):
2015 Heritage Hi # checklist Miller

When I got home and looked on COMC, I discovered that Ichiro had been quietly included into this year’s Allen & Ginter…

2015 Topps A and G Ichiro from COMC

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter’s #285 – Ichiro – Courtesy of COMC.com

…while Miller had been undergoing covert operations in Gypsy Queen.

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Andrew Miller from COMC

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen #254 – Andrew Miller – Courtesy of COMC.com

I’m honestly surprised that I hadn’t heard anything about these two being back in Topps sets. Anybody have any idea when this took place?  Clearly it happened after Topps Series Two was “put to bed”.

Unfortunately Matt Wieters is still missing.

One other thought on the High Numbers Checklist;  I would’ve liked to have seen some managers get cards… Expand the checklist by 5-10 cards and give us Paul Molitor, Robin Ventura, Joe Maddon and a couple of others.

For those who are interested in which O’s and Mets are included in the base set…

Orioles from the base High Numbers set:
501    Christian Walker
525    Jimmy Paredes
564    Delmon Young
578    Ryan Flaherty
598    Travis Snider
610    Everth Cabrera
620    Caleb Joseph
645    Ubaldo Jimenez

Mets from the base High Number set:
512    Ruben Tejada
543    Tyler Clippard
557    Danny Muno
562    Jack Leathersich
569    Jeurys Familia
580    Bobby Parnell
592    Kevin Plawecki
600    Sean Gilmartin
612    Hansel Robles
618    Noah Syndergaard
630    Steven Matz
643    Alex Torres
683    Eric Campbell

Neither of these teams has any short prints… Thank God for small miracles.




6 thoughts on “…So When Did Ichiro And Topps Make Nice?

  1. Yeah, Ichiro in A&G was kind of a big deal when they announced it. Perhaps it was during a time when you were living under a rock? :P
    He also has super short printed autos, 3 different cards featuring the 3 MLB teams he’s played for.

  2. I want to know when Ron Santo’s family is going to make nice with Topps. The guy finally makes it to the Hall of Fame which would surely justify his having as many cards as Billy or Ernie but we get zippo.

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