Shoebox PWE: Doby, Robinson, Franco And Howe

Another welcome PWE from “Shoebox Legend Shane“, another cool postage stamp.
Canceled Larry Doby US Stamp
No doubt about it, I need to hit the post office and find some kind of interesting commemorative for the next PWE I send him…

For those of you who aren’t philatelists, let’s move on to the cardboard…

First off, a 2007 Heritage insert showcasing a young Brooks Robinson.
2007 Topps Heritage Flashbacks Brooks Robinson

Another card from the “Bowman Is Back” tossback to the 1989 Bowman set. I’d like these cards just fine if they were non-sparkly-shiny (and 1989-Bowman-sized), but I like them just fine as they are.
2015 Bowman Is Back Wilmer Flores
Again, I feel I should point out that they only scan blue, they’re not blue in person.  And for those who don’t know Mets by sight and can’t read the scribble, this is Wilmer Flores.

More Stadium Club goodness, this time in the form of Manny Machado… Putting a good dent in my Oriole team set needs while only buying one pack.
2015 Stadium Club Manny Machado

I’ll have to make a point to not show this card to Mrs. Shlabotnik; She still gets angry at the mention of Glenn Davis’ name.
1993 Stadium Club Glennn Davis
The O’s traded Steve Finley, Pete Harnisch and Curt Schilling to the Astros for Davis and the Astros got the better of that deal… by far. This happened before I met Mrs. S and became an Orioles fan, so I welcome a new Orioles card into my collection.

Shane has provided me with the two Finest hockey cards in my collection… That’s “Finest” the brand, if not the adjective. The next two cards are from 1994-95 Finest Hockey.
1994-95 Topps Finest Joe Juneau
I always think of Juneau as a Bruin, even though he played there for just the first couple of years of his career. He actually played for the Caps longer than any other team, but he also comes towards the end of the Caps’ time as my favorite hockey team.

Similarly, I think of Mark Tinordi as a North Star. This is probably one of the few cards which picture Tinordi in the “Old School Capitals” uniforms; the following season, the Caps switched to those fugly blue, black and bronze uniforms. Bleah.
1994-95 Topps Finest Mark Tinordi
There is one good thing for the fugly Caps uniforms of the late 1990’s – they give me an arbitrary ending point for my Capitals collection. My loss of interest in the Caps didn’t exactly coincide with the ditching of the classic unis, but the horrendous new unis didn’t help, and now it gives me a handy, if rough, ending point for my Caps collection… If the uniforms are the classic set, I want the card. If not, well… it depends.

A lovely John Franco card from 1995 Bazooka. I had a fair number of cards from this set, but no Franco (until now).
1995 Bazooka John Franco
There were a few nice sets that came out under the Bazooka brand, I would like it if Topps replaced Opening Day with a Bazooka set… Not that I harbor any illusions that such a thing would happen, but I would like it.

Finally, the highlight of every PWE I’ve received from Shane has been a 1960/61 A&BC Footballer card from across the Atlantic. This time around, we have Don Howe… and I know enough about British footy to know that “W.B.A.” stands for West Bromwich Albion.
1960-61 A&BC Don Howe
One thing that’s struck me about these cards is how dark the football is.  I’m guessing that at some point they made changes to the ball so that it would show up better on black & white TV’s, and it just stuck.

Don Howe played for West Brom, Arsenal and for England.  After his playing days were over, he coached for 30 years with a number of teams, and writes some articles for the BBC and Arsenal’s magazine.
1960-61 A&BC Don Howe back

Thanks again, Shane, for yet another great PWE!


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