2015 TSR: Some Of The Best Names In Baseball

It’s been a while since we’ve had a virtual pack of my custom cards… and we’re still stuck in Series Three even though Series Four was originally scheduled to be released over a month ago.  I apologize, but that’s the tradeoff that’s made when you go with a locally-sourced, artisan, virtual micropublisher instead of one of the corporate giants.

This time around we’ve got a “hot pack” and it’s built around a theme of sorts….  Players who have the best names in baseball.

2015 Series Three Wrapper

Trevor Plouffe has been one of my favorite names in baseball for several years now.  His last name just begs to be in bold and have an exclamation mark after it:  Plouffe!

This year he appeared in a career-high 152 games.
2015 TSR #39 - Trevor Plouffe
Word on the street is that Plouffe will have some sort of special involvement in the 2015/16 TSR Hot Stove set coming out after the end of the World Series!  (Tease, tease, tease).

My apologies to anyone named Darnell for the following comments…
2015 TSR #267 - Darnell Sweeney
…but anytime I run across someone named ‘Darnell’, I hear Jason Lee’s voice in my head saying “Hey, Crab Man!”  The Phillies need to get guys named Earl and Randy in uniform, maybe get Mr. Turtle as a mascot…

Darnell Sweeney was one of the two minor leaguers obtained from the Dodgers for Chase Utley.  He’s played 37 games for the Phils this year, although he hadn’t played above AA before this season.  He appears to be the third player with the first name of Darnell to play in the Majors, after Darnell Coles and Darnell McDonald.

“Guido” and “Knudson” are not two names I would expect to see together, but here they are.
2015 TSR #268 - Guido Knudson
Guido Knudson is not the first Guido in the Majors, nor is he the first Knudson.  Guido Grilli pitched for the Red Sox and A’s in 1966, and appeared on a high-numbered rookie card in that year’s set.  Guido Grilli doesn’t appear to be related to Steve and Jason Grilli.

Mark Knudson pitched for the Astros, Brewers and Rockies in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Doesn’t it seem like a guy with the name Chi Chi Gonzalez should’ve pitched in the 1960’s?
2015 TSR #269 - Chi Chi Gonzalez
Chi Chi pitched a shutout against the Royals in his second big league game.

Travis Shaw isn’t a terribly unusual name, but two years ago, after I pulled a card of his out of a pack of Bowman Draft, I started to run his name together for no good reason:  Travishawwwwwwww!!!
2015 TSR #272 - Travis Shaw
BTW, “Travishawwwwwwww!!!” is the son of former reliever Jeff Shaw, who appeared in over 600 games, mostly in the 1990’s.

I can’t say what exactly it is that I like about Kelby Tomlinson’s name, but it appeals to me somehow.  Doesn’t hurt that he wears glasses like I do.  Any athlete who wears glasses gets bonus points.
2015 TSR #274 - Kelby Tomlinson
Kelby hit an exciting inside-the-park homer against the Rockies this past weekend.

Cheslor Cuthbert is from Nicaragua, was featured in this summer’s Futures Game, and is currently a 22-year-old rookie with the Royals.
2015 TSR FG-2 Cheslor Cuthbert
I’ve featured him before in a Royals uniform, but I’m using this as an excuse to work one of my Futures Game customs in here.

Jedd Gyorko may not be the top middle infielder in the Majors, but he has one thing going for them that I doubt few active players could match: There’s a street named after him.
2015 TSR #316 - Jedd Gyorko
Monongalia County Ballpark, home of West Virginia University baseball and the Single-A West Virginia Black Bears, is located at 2040 Gyorko Drive, and is named after WVU alumnus and Morgantown, WV native Jedd Gyorko.  Now you know.

…and, if you were wondering, Gyorko’s is a Hungarian name and is pronounced “JERK-o”. Well, at least Jedd’s family pronounces it “JERK-o”, I don’t know whether or not Hungarians would pronounce it that way.

So that’s the end of this pack, and probably of Series Three.  Series Four will be coming soon, and will be a season-wrap-y, update-y, trade-y, rookie…y series.

4 thoughts on “2015 TSR: Some Of The Best Names In Baseball

    • Hanging out with Pretty Chandler?

      I didn’t know what you were talking about until I Googled Handsome Monica. He’s not here because he’s not in Majors or the Futures Game… But when he gets to that point, I can assure you he’ll be represented here.

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