Shoebox PWE: Hologram, Painting And A Freaky Head

The PWE’s from the sole owner and proprietor of Shoebox Legends keep coming faster than I can post or reciprocate.

Before we even get into the contents, we have to check out the postage stamp…
Joe DiMaggio USPS Stamp
I had a couple of “Joe DiMaggio on a stamp” jokes run through my head, but for the sake of everybody involved, I’m just going to let them slide on by.

I’ve seen these 1992 Fleer Team Leaders cards before, but I never knew where they came from…. well, other than the obvious answer of “from Fleer”.
1992 Fleer Team Leaders Howard Johnson
I looked it up and it was a rack pack insert.  Now you know.

This Curtis Goodwin card wasn’t on my wantlist, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want it. Even Curtis seems slightly confused by that statement.
1996 Score Curtis Goodwin
You see, my card database… or more specifically, the source of the data concerning 1996 Score… had Goodwin on the Reds, and so I did not have him listed as a “want”.

This one is a 1996 Upper Deck SPx hologram card of Roberto Alomar.  I don’t own any of these and had never really looked at one before, but the hologram is pretty damn cool (and my scanner handled it reasonably well).
1996 UD SPx Roberto Alomar
The camera(s) used to create the hologram must have ‘orbited’ around Roberto, because as you tilt the card to get different angles on him, his expression changes slightly and he blinks, which makes me think it was a rapid series of images rather than a bunch taken simultaneously.

A card from the 2001 Topps Combo insert.  Any card featuring a painting is welcome in my collection.
2001 Topps Combos Piazza Gibson
Let me qualify that… any card featuring a good painting is welcome. “Good” is not always a given with such cards.

Next up, a nice-looking 2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects card of a guy who didn’t get past the “prospect” stage.  Ryan Finan peaked out at AA Bowie, and he finished his career with a 54.00 ERA.
2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects Ryan Finan
..But thankfully for Finan, he was not a pitcher;  the ERA came from one third of an inning of what I presume was mop-up work with Bowie.  I’ve always liked the 1954 Red Heart Dog Food set this is based on… but those cards are often out of my budget, so I have been satisfying myself with these Bowman Heritage cards which has nothing to do with the heritage of Bowman (unless Bowman did the cards for Red Heart).

2012 Panini Triple Play.  I have to say that while I really enjoyed this set, it turned out to be a one-shot for me…  I just couldn’t get into 2013 Triple Play that much.
2012 Panini Triple Play Adam Jones

This would appear to be a 2014 Pro Debut card of an Orioles prospect…
2014 Topps Pro Debut Eduardo Rodriguez
…except Eduardo Rodriguez was traded to Boston for Andrew Miller at last year’s trading deadline, so Rodriguez is not currently an O’s prospect but rather a Red Sox pitcher;  he went 10-6 in 21 starts for the Bosox this year.  It doesn’t matter to me, though… Pro Debut cards are always welcome.

This card of Eck from this year’s Stadium Club manages to be both cool and deeply disturbing.
2015 Stadium Club Dennis Eckersley
I’ve seen the Nationals’ Racing Presidents up close before, these things are really quite strange when you see them from a few feet away.

I didn’t realize it until I flipped it over to look at the card number, but this turned out to be my first Heritage High Numbers card… on a technicality, because I opened the PWE before I opened the blaster of High Numbers I’d bought on my way home from work that same day.
2015 Topps Heritage Hi # Ryan Flaherty
Ryan Flaherty is finally getting some love from Topps after several years as a utility guy.

As has become tradition over five PWE’s, Shane included a card from the 1960/61 A&BC Footballers set.
1960-61 A&BC Neil Mochan
Neilly ‘Smiler’ Mochan was a Scottish footballer who played for top division teams in Scotland and England, as well as in the 1954 World Cup, over a career that spanned from 1944 to 1964.

Mochan was such a fixture with Celtic, both during and after his playing career, that a documentary about him is coming out later this year.

It wasn’t until I was putting this card into my “Football, Soccer, Curling, Racing, Basketball and Non-Sports” binder that I realized that this card is something special…
1960-61 A&BC Neil Mochan back
The card number is 61, which means this card comes from the much scarcer 2nd series. I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!!!!

…and I’ll close out the post with a couple of cards from the 1994 CARDZ Muppets On Ice set.
1994 Cardz Muppets Take The Ice Gonzo Whalers History
1994 Cardz Muppets Take The Ice Gonzo Whalers
These cards will take an honored place as a “filler” card with the Red Sox in my AL East Current Rosters binder… rubbin’ elbows with Fleer logo stickers and a wide variety of non-sport cards that are also used as filler, like in this photo from a 2013 post about those binders…
Phillies Binder Page 2-2013


3 thoughts on “Shoebox PWE: Hologram, Painting And A Freaky Head

  1. Glad you enjoyed the package. I think I’m most pleased that you actually needed that Curtis Goodwin, which was a pure shot-in-the-dark throw-in just to thin out my trade box a little bit. Happy I could provide you with your first high series A & BC card!

  2. A. I spent so much money collecting and building those 1992 Fleer (and Fleer Ultra) insert sets. It was definitely a challenge finding those green bordered rack pack inserts, but I’m pretty sure I completed the set back in the day.

    B. 2001 Topps Combos rule! I know there are a lot of people who dislike this set… but it’s one of my personal favorites.

    C. Agree with Nick. The Eck (and a bunch of other 2015 Stadium Club cards) should be in the Card of the Year running.

    D. Those vintage AB&C soccer cards are sweet! Love how they utilized the 1959 and 1962 Topps baseball card designs.

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