Pack Animal: 2015 Panini Americana

It’s been long enough since the Mets’ last playoff appearance that I’d forgotten how sleep-deprived I get from staying up late watching games (so jealous of you West Coast fans).  I’m dragging today after last night’s game, so I was looking for something relatively quick to post… So I went into the drafts folder to pull out a a partially-written post about 2015 Panini Americana.  Why am I telling you this instead of just posting it?  I have no idea.

After reading about the 2015 Panini American set from blogs like Night Owl Cards and This Card Is Cool, I was thinking I should try a pack.

Sometimes when I’m writing a post, I keep active in another browser tab… This time around I’m keeping IMDB (Internet Movie Database) active.

First card… Rutina Wesley?  Let’s see… Best known for “True Blood”.  Vampires.  Why did it have to be vampires?
2015 Panini Americana Rutina Wesley

None of the posts I’d seen about this set had shown the backs, so I will.
2015 Panini Americana Rutina Wesley back

An OK back, but I would’ve made the person’s name smaller and the writeup a little larger.

Next up is a guy who sorta looks like he could be Tom Hanks’ uncle.
2015 Panini Americana Tony Sirico
I didn’t know who Tony Sirico is, but had I ever watched The Sopranos I would’ve known that he played Pauley Walnuts (not to be confused with Poley Walnuts, the super-short-printed squirrel featured in 2007 Topps baseball).

From Pauley to Smiley.  And you are….?
2015 Panini Americana Slade Smiley
“Real Housewives Of Orange County”.  Ah, it seems that in some cases, “Entertainer” is code for “famous for being famous”.

2015 Panini Americana Target Jaleel White
…And the first person I know in this pack. Even though I never watched Family Matters – and to let you know how much I didn’t watch it, I had to look up the title – I know who Urkel is.

Paula Abdul, another person I know. I’m on a roll here…
2015 Panini Americana Paula Abdul
Many people think of her in terms of American Idol.  Me, I always picture her singing and dancing with an animated cat.

The Hulkster!  Hulkarama!  Hulky McHulkster!
2015 Panini Americana Hulk Hogan
This has nothing to do with Hulk Hogan, but in the ‘All-new, all-different’ Marvel Universe, the Hulk is now Asian-American. The new Hulk is apparently a character from the Hulkiverse, so I won’t pass judgement without reading it.

Oh, Joy. Coolio. I guess I should be careful when I wish for celebrities I know.
2015 Panini Americana Coolio
I can’t look at Coolio without thinking of the cover of the ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic album “Bad Hair Day”.

Steven Bauer (Scarface, Ray Donovan)… Man, what’s with all the dudes?
2015 Panini Americana Steven Bauer
By the way, as I was going through this pack, I tried to play the game where I slide the top card so I can see the photo (but not the name) of the card underneath, and guess who it is. I didn’t do too well on this pack.

Even though I didn’t pull too much that I would get excited about (Danica McKellar, where are you?!?), I do appreciate this set.  I like this design, it gets the job done, it’s not without it’s appeal and yet without being overly busy (are you sure this is Panini?).

Every time I look at a pop culture set like this, I always think about who I’d want to pull from one of these packs.

If you were making an Americana-like set, which celebrities would you include?


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