Things I Noticed While Organizing My 2015 Cards

Back in August I bought a 2015 Topps Factory Set, more recently I bought a blaster of Heritage High Numbers, and last weekend I finally finished working all of the cards into my Current Roster binders. In the process, I noticed a few things that I thought were interesting enough to warrant a post.

First off, Casey McGehee got a card in both Heritage and Heritage High Numbers… but both cards show him with the Marlins.
2015 Heritage Casey McGehee low and hi
On December 20th of last year, the Marlins traded McGehee to the Giants, where he was supposed to take over 3rd for the departed Pablo Sandoval. Things did not work out in San Francisco, and they released McGehee on July 8th. Two days later, McGehee signed back with the Marlins.  I wonder if he got a second card because it was too late to swap in another player, or if someone at Topps just saw “McGehee’s on the Marlins now” without realizing that he had already been shown with the Marlins.  Either way, I’d prefer that they would’ve ditched McGehee for another player, but I guess that’s the way it goes.  Congratulations, McGehee and Marlins collectors.

I thought this one was even more noteworthy… One of the few packs of Opening Day I ripped happened to have this card that shows Jeff Samardzija photoshopped into a White Sox uniform.
2015 Topps Jeff Samardzija
Here’s the interesting part – he didn’t have a card in Series 1 or Series 2, so if you collects flagship Topps but not Opening Day or Update, then you are outta luck in terms of Samardzija. I don’t remember them doing anything like that before, but maybe I just missed it.

Before we go any further, I should point out that this post does not make up a complete list, this is just what I found from the cards that I own.

A little less unusual, but still noteworthy, are some players who had different photos in Opening Day (left) and flagship Topps (right)…

2015 Topps and Opening Day Adeiny Hechavarria

Hechavarria ended up with two pretty nice cards, both of which look like they were taken at Citi Field – maybe the same game?  The one on the right that includes Curtis Granderson sliding is a candidate for my Top 10 Cards From 2015 Topps (yes, that is a tease for an upcoming post).

2015 Topps and Opening Day Kolten Wong

I prefer the Opening Day Kolten Wong, even though he’s largely facing away from the camera.  You can still see his face, and it’s a more interesting shot.  Maybe it didn’t work as well with the “Future Stars” banner.

2015 Topps and Opening Day Yasiel Puig

Both of Puig’s cards show boring photos of an overrated player (…says the bitter man who drafted Puig in his fantasy league and was stuck with him for far too long due to the league’s “can’t cut” rules).

The last pair of cards is kinda interesting more in the way it played out rather than what happened. Often when a player changes teams in the off season, he shows up as photoshopped in Opening Day, and Series Two shows a Spring Training or early season photo.  Not for Yovani Gallardo.
2015 Topps and Opening Day Yovani Gallardo
For Gallardo, Opening Day showed him in last year’s uniform, while Series Two has the same image photoshopped into a Rangers uniform.  (And amateur photoshoppers like me look at the side-by-side photos and make note of what it appears that Topps did to change the images… “Oh, I think I see what they did there… interesting…”)

Again, this is not a complete list of differences, just what I’ve found in my own collection.  If I run across anything else of more than mild interest, I’ll share that as well.


One thought on “Things I Noticed While Organizing My 2015 Cards

  1. The Yovanni Rangers card is awesome in its photoshopping. Imagine how good those 1974-1979 Topps cards would have been if they had had the same quality of artistry back then.

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