Belated Rated – My Top 10 Cards From 2015 Topps

For the second straight year I bought a factory set of 2015 Topps, and for the second straight year I’m going to give my thoughts on the set well after everybody else has moved on. (If you’re interested, here’s last year’s post which was also in October and also after everyone had moved on).

2015 Topps Caleb Joseph
I’ll start off with the single greatest thing I love about this set: Very little foil. It’s so nice to flip through binders and not have to tilt my head to get the light to reflect properly so that I can read silver foil lettering on a white background.

Second, like most everybody else, I really appreciate the design. It looks really nice in a binder, and is definitely something different from the fine people at Topps.

2015 Topps Anthony Rendon

Other things I like are the very large card numbers, the “SERIES ONE” and “SERIES TWO” notations above the card numbers, and the fact that pretty much every card features a photo where you can actually see what the player looks like …almost no player cards feature a shot like this:
2014 Topps Freddy Galvis

That being said… The set does suffer from a lot of samey same photos.
2015 Topps batters

Samey samey same.
2015 Topps pitchers

I mainly bring that up because when I was picking out the top 10 cards from this set, it was kind of hard because there aren’t many standout cards. Nothing that I instantly said “Oh, man, I love this card”, nothing iconic like last year’s Coco Crisp
2014 Topps Coco Crisp

…But still, a lot of very good cards.

Before we get to the Top 10, I’m going to share two “Honorable mention” cards.

I liked the action aspect of this card, but you can only tell it’s Moustakas by the back of his jersey.
2015 Topps Mike Moustakas

This is a good shot of Mike Trout, but there’s a better Trout card in the Top 10 and I didn’t want to have overly high Trout levels in my Top 10. Besides, this is his MVP card, rather than his base card.
2015 Topps Mike Trout MVP

My Top 10, in the order they happened to upload into this post…

This isn’t an all-time classic, but just the fact that it was a photo of someone who was not swinging a bat or pitching a baseball made it stand out in this set.
2015 Topps Craig Gentry

This one might be my personal favorite of the set, just because of Hunter Pence’s “Bill The Cat” expression.  Oop!  Ack!
2015 Topps Hunter Pence

Jackie Bradley Jr. nicely fills out this horizontal beauty.
2015 Topps Jackie Bradley Jr

A decent action shot.
2015 Topps Javier Baez

The Troutmeister kickin’ up some dust as he slides.
2015 Topps Mike Trout

This card is an above-average action shot which got a boost from the Curtis Granderson cameo (I also featured this card a week ago as one of the cards that differs between Opening Day and flagship Topps).
2015 Topps Adeiny Hechavarria

I wonder how many Pirates fans sigh longingly when they see a picture of Cutch with his long dreads.  Apparently Mets fans are going to have a similar experience next year, as Jacob deGrom has said that he’ll cut off his hair after the World Series.
2015 Topps Andrew McCutchen

Nothing to say, just a card I like.
2015 Topps Angel Pagan

Nice action shot…
2015 Topps Jay Bruce

This one really isn’t very different than the samey same shots I mocked above, but I like the sunglasses and Upton’s expression.
2015 Topps BJ Upton

So which 2015 Topps cards are your favorites?


8 thoughts on “Belated Rated – My Top 10 Cards From 2015 Topps

  1. I love the Jon Lester base card in Series 2. Simply because they opted for a press conference photo of him in the Cubs jersey, instead of just photoshopping something from last season into a Cubs uniform.

    • I’m a lover of well-done photoshoppery, but I also understand the “Why do that when you have a photo in a real uniform?” standpoint. The Lester is certainly one of the outstanding cards in the set, as evidenced by the fact that I immediately pictured that card in my head as soon as I read your comment.

    • You know, I thought about that card and I scanned that card, but it got eliminated for reasons I can’t remember. My criteria changed about two dozen times during the selection of the cards, and at some point I may have eliminated Konerko and Jeter with a capricious “No Tribute cards” rule. The Konerko card is definitely a standout in the set, though.

  2. Thanks for the tour. Does topps still do the late season traded sets or is that covered by Series Two now? I stopped collecting the current year’s cards in the mid90’s and have lost touch with the recent trends.

  3. Love the 2015 Topps flagship design… but not a huge fan of the zoomed in photography on 98% of the cards. What’s their fascination of chopping off arms and legs?

    My personal faves are the Coco, Kershaw, Konerko, Jeter, Moustakas, Andrelton Simmons, and just about any action shot that doesn’t have part of the player cropped out. I also really enjoyed some of the team celebration cards.

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