Losers Weepers (2015 Topps Chrome Update)

Earlier this week I was in a different town and decided to stop in the Target store there… I needed some things, but I was also looking for these Topps Update Mega-Boxes which included the exclusive packs of Chrome Update.

When I got to the card aisle, I was disappointed to find that there was not a mega-box in sight.  This was the third Target I’d checked, and I came up empty again.

Dejected and looking for a “consolation prize”, I reached down to the cardboard tray on the bottom shelf to see what kind of discounted blasters they might have.

Down there, behind the discounted blasters, was a box that was larger than the others.  “Wonder what that is?” I thought as I reached for it.

I picked it up and realized…
2015 Topps Update Mega-box
…It was a mega box! I’m guessing someone hid it until they could come back with more funds, but I thwarted their nefarious plans. Nyah-ha-ha!

Lesson #1:  Just because you don’t see the product doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  I’m sure many of you have similar stories.

So you may be wondering about the cards…

I generally don’t go for parallels or shiny cards, but the Chrome Update cards are pretty nice. Here are a couple of examples…
2015 Topps Update Swihart and Walker

As it turned out, the second pack was custom-made for a Mets fan like me:
2015 Topps Update Syndergaard and deGrom RS
I love the deGrom, and the Syndergaard isn’t shabby either. It’s funny, I’ve pulled a Syndergaard variation, I’ve pulled a Syndergaard Chrome, but I still don’t have a base card for Thor.

This box comes with a second lesson… I’m starting to feel like an episode of Fat Albert: “If you’re not careful, you might learn a thing or two”…. Anyway, I got caught up in some of the mega-box excitement and didn’t properly do the math. I’d thought that the “Five packs of Update” were worth about $10 by themselves (5 packs * $1.99 ea.), meaning that I figured I was paying about $5 for the two Chrome packs.

But that’s exactly what Topps’ marketing people wanted me to think. Five loose packs are, indeed, $10… But those packs have 12 cards each, while the Mega-box packs have 8 cards each. The non-Chrome mega-box packs are probably worth more like $7, which means you’re paying something like $4 each for the Chrome packs… or $1 per card.

I don’t see myself getting another mega-box, but I also have no regrets… I have two Chrome cards I like, five more are already on their way to a new home, and I have yet to open a couple of the non-Chrome packs, so maybe there’s something super exciting hiding in there.


3 thoughts on “Losers Weepers (2015 Topps Chrome Update)

  1. That’s a great Syndegaard!His face dis-figuration when delivering a pitch Is down right frightening.I’m still trying to land the variation card of Syndi batting.

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